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Welcome to Leanie's Hobbit Hole!

I am a short & round female Hobbit and I live in a hobbit hole in the side of a mountain near the Shire.   I like to stay in my cozy home with all my comforts. Hobbits like it to be peaceful and we like comfy places to have a bit to eat.  Come on in and relax.   I hope you have some time to spare!

J.R.R. Tolkien is a great friend of us Hobbits. We love him. He was entrusted to edit and publish the history of us HOBBITS. He tells the story of the history of Middle Earth and the famous ring.  I  have a few pages about him,  one is an interview,  another is a brief bio.  There are so many people & Hobbits that  have  web pages dedicated to him and they have done it so well that. I could not even attempt to do as good a job.   So . . . . I have made some links pages to some that I think are really good.

What a story!

This Hobbit likes to read fantasy novels. One of my favorites series is the Xanth series by Piers Anthony. Xanth books are suited for people about 14 years & up. My Xanth area is growing by leaps & bounds. Check it out. Even if you don't know anything about Xanth, there are nice graphics to look at.

I have been adding more pages every few days. So if you have been here before, you might what to check. Right now I am just a little place to stop on your way to other Tolkien & Fantasy sites. You might just meet some other Hobbits along the way.

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Harry Potter has become a favorite too.... the movie is out and  if you would like some games, books and all kinds of Harry Potter goodies... click on the HARRY POTTER graphic !!


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There are  vampires in Area 51, so I always keep garlic in my pocket!

Leanie The Hobbit graphic by Billy Nelson & me! - please do not take.

I have made very few graphics for this site. Almost everything has been made by someone else unless noted.  I want to thank each and every one!  Without them my site would not exist. I have noted on each page where they have come from.   There are many that are stated from sources as public domain. So if you find something that is not credited correctly please let me know.  I respect these artists and would not want to offend any of them. If a graphic is on this site, it is because I thought it was wonderful.

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Background by Dovesong which has moved. When I find her new site I will link to her.

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I would also like to thank GEOCITIES for providing me this site.