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The Bee Place!! A Haven For All X Philes Who Love The Bee!

Welcome X Philes and Bee Lovers alike.   This is a small tribute that I've decided to set up in honor of the bee that saved the day in the recently released X Files movie.  For the sake of simplicity, the bee will be referred to as Bob around the site.  So, translate...The Bee - Bob.  And, hey, while you're here, sign my guestbook...I wanna know what you think!! Go ahead, I can take the rejection!

bob.jpg (3239 bytes) This is, in the case that you haven't met Bob previously...shame on you!!  You need to do your homework and visit

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Okay people, here's the deal. I'm tired of the crap responses I'm getting to this page, such as the "You suck, I wish you would die, the bee sucks, I'm glad he died, you're such an idiot, why would you make this page" type things, so...if you want to share your opinion about my page, that's fine. Just don't share with me. Quite honestly, I don't care what you think of the stupid bee. If you like it, that's one thing...share with me. But if all you're going to do is pop off rude little run-on sentences that show your ignorance and lack of education, sorry, this isn't the place. For those of you who are nice and get a kick out of the Bee Place, even if you don't agree, I thank you sincerely and hope to hear from you. Otherwise...just shut up. The page is meant as a joke..funny..humor...comprende? If you can't appreciate that...adios, I don't wanna hear from ya! ;)

Bob's Journal Has Been Found...Read More On The Story Here!

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