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Hey Everybody! Well, the official millenium has now begun! ("No one likes a math whiz, Scully...") How's everyone feelin'? I'm pretty good. I wish I had the time to make this page better, but, it's my life-determining year in school, and I have to work, work, work! Everyone cross your fingers for me, and I'll probably see you in about 10 years!

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Well, there's not a lot to say! I hope I can get this website up again. I am doing it in fits and stops. Hopefully during Christmas I can get it up a lot compared to now.

My X-Files Stuff...

You know you're crazy when...

Famous Quotes...

Here are some Pause For thoughts....

How do you like it so far? If you have any comments or any facts about The X-Files that you think I should add to this page, please notify me by either mentioning it in the guestbook, or e-mailing me at the address at the bottom of the page.

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The Official X-files Website.

This page will be constantly updated with new things on it such as:

Info on The X-Files

More Friend Info

More "Pause For Thoughts"

Other things I think of that are worth adding.

Thanx for visiting my hompage. I appreciate it and I hope you enjoyed it. It will be constsantly under construction for you to visit. Thanx.

Please tell me what you liked best about my webpage in the guestbook. Please do not use profain language. Also, tell me how you scored on The X-Files trivia test on this page.

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Please keep coming back to my page, at least once every two weeks. There's bound to be somthin' different. Bye!!! (I hope you signed the GuestBook!)

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