Coffee Story 2 Another Coffee Story Challenge. Christina
March 1999

There was a challenge to write a story that starts with the sentence, "I had coffee with your mom." (Actually it was mum, not mom.)

This was my second one. To the first one.

Paramount owns the Star Trek universe, I'm just paying homage.

Mum's the word.

"I had coffee yesterday with your mum," Chakotay whispered his eyes staring at the ceiling but not focusing on anything. "It's bright yellow and green were covered in brown."

"Doctor," Janeway said as she let go of her first officer's hand. "Will he be all right?"

The Doctor humphed slightly as he put down the tricorder. "He is suffering from a concussion to the lower right parietal region of his brain..."

"No!" Chakotay shouted, interrupting the conversation. His hands flailed about. "Keep the caterpillars away."

The Doctor rolled his eyes as he picked up a hypospray. "He's delirious right now. This will help him sleep." When he'd finished, he turned to Janeway and looked at her sternly. "What happened?"

He was surprised at her blush. "We were on the holodeck..."

"I have said, many times, that the safety protocols are there on purpose. But no one listens to me...Skiing?"

She shook her head. "Something fell...We didn't think...well..."

He shook his head and harumphed. "You are supposed to set an example for the rest of the crew. It is within my authority to permanently engage these protocols. What fell?"

She hesitated and clasped her hands together. "A headboard." Fortunately he had excellent auditory senses--otherwise he wasn't sure he would have heard her.

"A headboard? And why...Oh..." He looked at his patient, then the captain, then his now-sleeping patient. "He will recover completely. But I suggest you find another..."

"Oh, don't worry Doctor, we shall."

He grinned. "And I shall not need to put a complete record of events in his medical file. After all, mum's the word."

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