Raina's Hold

You have leave to come beneath my roof, stranger. For those who walk in the Light and read the Wheel of Time, there is always shade and water at my hold. 

I am Raina, roofmistress of this hold. Sit with us, stranger, and tell us of your thoughts on recent events. But please do not cause trouble, or - well, do you see the Maidens of the Spear near the entrance? I was Far Dareis Mai once myself, and my spear-sisters would not like it if the peace of my hold was disturbed too much - you understand? Yes, I thought that you might.

Would you care to visit my library? There are many stories, essays, a few poems and quite a few wetlander attempts at humour. You may believe that you have read everything in the library, but more works are frequently added to the shelves - why not look again?

There is a quiz going on just over there, for those who think they know everything there is to know about the Wheel of Time - are you one of those, by any chance? Perhaps you will be proved wrong. Or perhaps you have gambling in mind, but you've learned the hard way that dicing with Mat Cauthon is a poor idea? At the other end of the room, there are some people taking bets on popular theories. You may also find here a list of recommended books, should you have nothing to read while waiting for the next book, and an index of the words of the Creator, albeit those words seem far too often to be "Read and find out."

Or perhaps you are lost. Below are also links to several other sites. Walk in the Light, stranger. May you always find water and shade.

To the library
Seriously Trivial
Book Recommendations
Thus Spake The Creator
Book of Wagers


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The Links list, the Book of Wagers and the Book Recommendations are updated.

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