Welcome to my Images page!

Here you can find a gallery of all of the best images that I have collected so far. If you have something to suggest, please email me and tell me.

Static Images

(I got many of these from The Art Gallery; see my links page to go there. I do not take credit for any of these images; some have a copyright on them, others are unknown)

Daishi - A nice picture done by a private author, who has his nickname on the image. I got it from another site, but I not longer remember where the site was.

Archer - Another image from the same site.

Archer - Another image of an archer from the same site.

Battlemaster in hangar - A well-rendered, relatively detailed image.

Nobori-nin - A very cool image of a bright red Nobori-nin staring you in the face. There are some planets and space and stuff in the background.

Scorpion - A colorful, interesting image of a scorpion firing it's missiles. Well-rendered and placed on a barren, photographed landscape.

Floating Sunder - A sunder floating through space, with a jumpship in the background. A pretty well-rendered image, except for the jumpsail.

Thunderbolt - A victorious thunderbolt, holding the head of a defeated atlas under one arm. A very good image, but how a thunderbolt managed to beat an atlas, I'll never know.

Blood Legacy Cover - This is a fan re-drawing of the book cover, in the form of a high-quality 3D rendering combined with a photograph. The only negative point, however, is the bad drawing of the Dire Wolf was not corrected in the transition.

Old Longbows - Two old-style (Robotech-based) longbows in rocky desert terrain. Fully rendered, and relatively well done. I especially like the 'mechs themselves.

Damaged Rifleman - A painted image of a Rifleman taking a crippling hit to the leg in the rain. The explosion and the 'mech are especially well done.

Clan Battle Scene - A Kodiak and Mad Dog firing. A fallen Summoner lies nearby. The laser fire isn't very good, but the 'mechs and terrain are rendered with care and detail.

Mad Cat/Timber Wolf - A timber wolf standing in a misty lake. This image is extremely high-quality and well-rendered!

Mad Cat/Timber Wolf In a lake - Good image quality, good terrain.

Mad Cat/Timber Wolf - A timber wolf standing in front of a forest. Good timber wolf, well-melded w/the photo.

Mad Cat/Timber Wolf - A jade falcon timber wolf standing on an airless world, with the sun shining down from behind it.

Mad Cat/Timber Wolf - A timber wolf walking through a computer-rendered forest. High-quality image.

Mechwarrior 2 Mad Cat/Timber Wolf - A timber wolf backed by fire, from the cover of Mechwarrior 2.

Nova vs Timber Wolf - A pic of a nova decking a timber wolf. The lasers are not that well done, and the picture doesn't make much sense (who knew that when a timber wolf is shot in the leg, it's torso explodes?), but other than that it's a very good image.

Dire Wolf & Mad Dog - A dire wolf and mad dog in funny white & black camo, with fire and stuff in the background. This is a pretty good pic, but it looks like it's been stretched horizontally a bit.

Vulture/Mad Dog - A mad dog standing in a lake. The picture shows it facing away, but it's still a good picture, especially the mad dog's reflection in the lake.

Nova & Summoner - A Ghost Bear nova blows the arm off of a Nova Cat Summoner. The 'mechs are very well done, and the scenery is of equally high quality.

Aerospace/Battlespace Images (Static)

Corsair Patrol - A good image of three corsairs moving through space. A jumpship can be seen in the background.

Kurita Corsair - A lone Kurita corsair flying over a high-quality, rendered landscape.

Dropship Launch - A relatively well-rendered image of a Union or Overlord (I don't remember which is which) taking off from a spaceport.

Animated Images

Mad Cat/Timber Wolf - From MechCommander

Bushwacker - I have no idea where this image was originally from, but it's good. It is the same style as the images from MechCommander.

Hunchback IIC - From MechCommander.

Masakari/Warhawk - From MechCommander.

Raven - From MechCommander.

Thor/Summoner - From MechCommander.

Vulture/Mad Dog - From MechCommander.

Elemental - A good animated image of a 3D spinning elemental.

Cinematic Freeze-Frames

(Note: "race" refers to the race of the majority of the units depicted, in most cases, not the campaign that the cinema is from)

Non-cinematic game images


Non-Game Starcraft Art & Miscellaneous

Anti-Pokémon Images

I have some nice, hilarious anti-pokémon images made by my friend Greg. If you want to check them out, please refer to my Anti-Pokémon Dedication Page.