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Usually most of my interview material makes it as far as a magazine, thanks to the wonder of selling different bits to different publications or doing two-part articles. However, more recently I've conducted longer interviews, sometimes because people wouldn't stop talking, sometimes because I've wanted to know things about certain shows. I've also spoken to people where very little of the material has eventually been used. In the main, you aren't missing much; I edit out some of the more dull parts and leave in the funny bits, so what you see in the magazine is a pretty full account of the conversation.

As this isn't always the case, this page now contains links to some bits and pieces that have not and probably will not ever see the light of day. Ironically, this was meant to be the first function of this page, but copyright restrictions mean I'm unable to reproduce anything that has appeared in a Visual Imagination magazine; if you want to read my work in those, you'll have to look out some back issues. You'll also see why some of these snippets don't follow on; some or all of an answer was in the finished article. Not all of these are up yet, but hopefully will be soon.

My dissertation is still here and below, but first here's what I have to offer in offcuts:

Online now:
Paul Ben-Victor, Bobby Hobbes in The Invisible Man.
Vincent Ventresca, Darien Fawkes in The Invisible Man.
Michael Shanks, Daniel Jackson in Stargate SG-1.
Robert C Cooper, Stargate SG-1 producer, talking about Michael Shanks leaving the show in a few snippets I left out.
Manny Coto, Odyssey 5's creator, writer and executive producer.

More will follow as I do further interviews.

Here is my complete dissertation, for those who want to read an exciting treatise on Science Fiction.

My Dissertation: A Definition Of Science-Fiction For The Next Millennium

Abstract and Introduction

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Conclusion and Bibliography

Meanwhile, here's the index.