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This page, which, in an ideal non-possibility of being sued by TV companies world, would contain pictures, is designed to be a gateway to the world of Science Fiction and Cult television (with a bunch of other stuff thrown in). I'm Paul Spragg, your genial guide, and I work for Visual Imagination, which publishes Cult Times, Xposé, Starburst, TV Zone, Film Review, Shivers, The Works and Ultimate. I’m the editor of Cult Times, music editor of The Works and used to be editor of Xposé. I write for all of the company's titles from time to time about TV and films. (I am, of course, contractually obliged to plug the company, and if you want to know more, or indeed order back issues, their website is here). But first, my stuff, and there's plenty of it, even though it's in serious need of an update:

Now with five years of material, my extensive reviews section includes my thoughts on my current favourite genre shows. Shows featured include Alias, Angel, Enterprise and Joan of Arcadia, and I've added in links to their official sites for those who want to know more.

Reviews Archive:
All the reviews of previous seasons can be found here, including those shows I'm still covering, and finished series Birds of Prey, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dark Angel, Earth: Final Conflict, Firefly, First Wave, Highlander: The Raven, John Doe, LEXX, Millennium, Seven Days, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and The X-Files.

Paul's Portfolio
This is undergoing a change. Writing for magazines, I do a lot of interviews and not all of the material from them ever sees the light of day. Therefore, here you can find some bits and pieces never seen in print before from Paul Ben-Victor and Vincent Ventresca of The Invisible Man, Michael Shanks of Stargate SG-1, who I spoke to shortly after he left the series, and Robert C Cooper, executive producer of the show, who I interviewed on set while episode eight of season six was being filmed. Also there is Manny Coto, executive producer and creator of the fantastic Odyssey 5, with hopefully more to come eventually. You can also still read my university dissertation, 'A Definition of Science-Fiction for the Next Millennium', here.

The Russell Matcham Shrine:
A homage to my place of education, Bristol Cathedral School, although Mr Matcham has now sadly moved on. Still, this shrine has been found by students at his new place of education, so it lives on as a warning to them, and to BCS pupils suffering the work of other names on this list.

This links page will send you to some of the best websites that I use for my job or for fun, including official ones for various TV series, and locations for players of that great game Mornington Crescent. It's currently in serious need of an update, but I think some of them work.

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