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Spartan Guards Regiments Page 3

Fortress class dropship 'KRONOS' on planetary descent.

12th Assault Company,Atlas piloted by LT Lucious 'The Devil' Smith.


2nd Spartan Regiment
Open T.O. & E. 2nd Regiment

20th Regimental Command Company (12 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/780 73rd Panzer Battalion Command Lance/Lanvetta's Lasers (4 Mechs) Class/HVY Tons/235 6th HIMU Company (14 Hovercraft,4 Jump Infantry Platoons) Class/MED Tons/487 73rd Panzer Company (11 Tanks,2 SP Arty,2 Infantry Platoons) Class/ASL Tons/804 13th Heavy Weapons (4 Tanks,8 SP Arty ,2 Infantry Platoons) Class/HVY Tons/674 9th Impy Battalion Command Lance/Ruger's Roughnecks (4 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/300 9th Impy Company (12 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/750 18th Lancer Company (12 Mechs) Class/MED Tons/500 90th Lift & Support Company (12 Vehicles,5 MASH Units,1 Dropship) N/A 2nd Ranger Battalion Command Lance/Carmichael' Commandos (4 Mechs) Class/HVY Tons/260 2nd Ranger Company (12 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/760 67th Lancer Company (12 Mechs) Class/MED Tons/515 221st Mech Destroyer Company (16 Mechs) Class/ASL Tons/1160 38th Aero Assault Wing 'A' Company/Ground Stompers (6 Aerospace Fighters) Class/ASL Tons/365 'B' Company/Starship Hunters (6 Aerospace Fighters) Class/HVY Tons/310 3 Overlord Class Dropships (Odin,Thor,Ivanhoe) 1 Excalibur Class Dropship (El Cid) 4 Union Class Dropships (Cleopatra,Osiris,Anubus,Phoenix) 2 Starlord Class Jumpships (Quetzalcoatl,Joan of Arc)


Class = Classification of Unit by weight *Tons = ASL/750-up HVY/545-745 MED/365-540 LGT/360-down *These numbers are in relation to Company size units,mechs or tanks.

'Betray Us Not, Our Vengeance Swift and True'


By Jon P. Wolland
Planet Pleione 3011
"Colonel, the 73rd Panzer Battalion reports the ambush at Crystal Pass was successful. They have destroyed the relief battalion to the last man. Our losses are 7 dead, 12 wounded, 1 tank and 3 hovers destroyed." "Very good Major Dokken. Are all units in position around 'the nest'?" "That's affirmative sir the last units are in position and the commando teams are ready to strike." "Then, commence attack on my mark Major." "Yes sir." switching his communications channel to the Regimental push Major Dokken cleared the air, "All units standby for Colonel Sutherland." The voice that came out of each speaker, throughout the regiment, was that of a razor edged leader, "This, warriors, is retribution. Pure and simple. No quarter is asked, no quarter is given. All units... attack, Now!" The forest surrounding the mercenary stronghold suddenly blazed to life as battlemechs of every description broken onto the open ground, their weapons firing as they came. The several patrol mechs on the perimeter were caught first in the hail of fire. A Locust, a Trebuchet, and a Panther just disintegrated into scrap metal. The two electrified fences were soon trampled underfoot by the Light and Medium mechs leading the charge while the slower moving Heavies and Assaults were clearing the forests edge. Several Merc battlemechs were fighting back to back at the center of the base square formed by the surrounding bunkers. Meanwhile, other lighter mechs tried to flee the assault. A Stinger tried to dodge a Banshee but was grabbed and thrown to the ground, and then stepped upon by an elephantine Goliath Assault unit. A Jenner got to the forests edge and imagined safety only to have a Victor shove its AC20 into its torso and, letting of a burst, gutted the little mech. Soon there were only two Merc units left standing. All firing had ceased and the two broken and battered machines, both Archers, stood entirely surrounded. A Cyclops stepped forward and addressed the mercs. "I am Colonel James Rommel Sutherland commanding the Spartan Guards Regiments. You are the last of your command. Surrender or die." "Now hold on," A sly voice answered from the Colonels headset. "Why should we surrender or die? We are all mercenaries here. Why not hire us instead. Hell between George and I we killed an Atlas some 2 months back. What do you say?" The Cyclops stepped closer to the two Archers as if assessing their worth then, across the intercom, in a low growl, "Not bloody likely." Triggering its AC20 one Archer was blown completely in half then the Cyclops turned to the other and with its balled battlefist crushed the cockpit of the man who had been speaking. Silence followed as all who had witnessed could see, honor had been restored to the regiments.

Blackjack from the 1st Royal Stewart Company.

"LRM's on the way! Heads Up!" TSGT Niki Brown,
 Attack Lance, Rhodesian Highlanders, piloting an Archer 4M model. 

"Warrant Macgregor, your Annihilator needs a target.
Take out that Water Purification Plant."  "Copy. Target locked."
    Transmissions Lewis's Lancers,7th Cavalry Battalion Command Lance


"Retreat?! Retreat Hell ! We just got here !!"


1997 jwolland@aol.com

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