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Captain Data's USS Invincible

Main Bridge

Terminator 2 Theme.

Welcome on board the USS Invincible. This unique vessel might not be launched for another few centuries, after all Star Trek hasn't gotten to 2383 yet has it? Oh well. I'm sure I'll eventually get enough web space to finally finish this site some day.

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First of all, Hi to...
Heather(aka JazzDanZr - my girl friend), Leanne Trekx (a very special friend :-}), K'tan, Female Q aka Flt Adm Jadzia, AJ, Railton, fav sis AdmJadziaDax, Seven-of-9, 'Shell(Tribble), MJ, Jean-Luc (Jon), Robin, Big Sister Siobhan :o), Rich, Syl, Sue, Trish, Worf (jr&sr), Kahless (klingonvic), Chris (Ajax), Andy, Luvs (Debbie), Wargirl, Gul Dukat (Andrew T.), The Highlander Jamie (there can be only one), Iggie, Ann, Jade, Jessie {kiss}& Rich (Proph - lucky guy), Thinker (Steve) Locutus of Yorkshire, Wes, Hockyguy, Lissa (and Billy), Q'pla/V'thtashi (and all the other aliases, Soo), Harry Mudd (Pete), Obrien, Gul_Garak_Tom_Smiles(aka Doctor_Parkas_Trem), sst200, Trek, Hayden, Ron, KeiraDax, QWho, Odoswoman & Cadet :o), Nath Meyer (FANX), CK & BB, Dangermouse, Janeway, and the Buntings3... and anyone else I know and have forgotten......."

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Some History

(please note, the history that used to be here WAS my history, but, since it no longer makes sense, I shall now put the background for STAR TREK: INVINCIBLE here

2375: William Riker promoted to Captain and given command of Galaxy Class USS Shiane (heard of it? ST BORG). After 5 years in command, he was promoted to Admiral's Rank. Data promoted to Commander and made Enterprise's First officer.

2383: Data promoted to Captain to witness the building of his own command. While serving as First Officer on the Enterprise, he had designed a new ship. one which took technology off of the species Data had met. The USS Invincible NX-290489 ATPV (Advanced Technoloy Prototype Vessel) was to be his to command.

What is this site about?

At this site you will be able to download sounds from Star Trek, X-files, Star Wars and many other TVshows. The sounds will be updated weekly. You will also be able to catch the latest and upcoming on British Television for Voyager (Sky1 and BBC2) and the X-files (Sky1 new episodes [sorry, I don't usually watch BBC episodes]). I will also have the latest Sci-Fi Games and films reviews and news... even some hints and tips!!!!

Where to go on this site.

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Hiya!! Well, check out the links and of course the rest of this site. If you have a comment, then you can send it DIRECT via THIS LINK. Now, as a first ever on one of my sites..............

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