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...deep in the heart of cyberspace, all is well, until your cruiser is pulled into a black hole. On the opposite side, you crashland onto a strange, strange place. You decide to explore. The ground is squishy, yet firm. The air has a sweet, not unpleasant scent. Then you see a sign that reads

"Welcome to Mallory's Planet of Doom!!""

Mwahahahahahahahaha!! (in case you can't tell, that's maniacal laughter)

Ok yeah this site is pretty damn cheesy and if I ever get around to it I am going to completely revamp it, but i think we all know how quickly i jump at doing extra work *coughprocrastinatecough* so yeah. suggestions are welcome. help is even more appreciated....

Yoda is just too darn cool to take down....

I like to grooveto punk, but I like all types of music (but country, jazz, and blues can really get on my nerves). CD's I own (kinda updated but not really)
--the first band I've ever loved.

Other sources of entertainment I enjoy are snowboarding, listening to music, reading, writing, singing, dancing, hanging out at VI when at home, Scooter's when at school, trying to play guitar (tho I have't done squat in a long time) and just sitting on my arse playing Dreamcast (fave games=THPS2). Also, I really like Hennepin, First Ave., & Nicollet. When it's nice out, sometimes I'll just sit around downtown and read.
...Can you beleive it?! I found punk guys on the Range!! Unbelievable! hehe

~*BaNaNaS & NuTs!!*~

If you couldn't tell, I don't work on my page much.

My scanner is broken, and the one i have for my laptop sux azz. So here's my page of semi-older pix Be warned, most are from 10th grade and up, with only a few I took with my webcam from last year. The newest one is of me n the Scooters crew

*like anyone wants to see my ugly mug anyhoo*

I have a poetry pagealso, so check out the newer ones if you wanna. I'll add more when I get time (or write more)

Don't be a ,sign my guestbook!!

Did you sign it? I bet you didn't! C'mon, be a pal, sign it!!

Last chance! Sign it now!
Whoa!! Look how unpopular I am!!
ok well the counter stopped working (i think) but then it got fixed again or something so just add like another 300 to the above number and its pretty darn close to the actual number of views/visitors/whatever the counter counts....

So what do you think of my page? Hate it? Love it? Want some more of it? Or just any questions or comments? Mail me!!mgsluvbug@hotmail.com

Yahoo I.D. = beh_smeh
Thanks soo much for visiting my place!! Please come again!!

This site started:7/18/97 Last updated: 1/8/03

If you have any suggestions for my page, mail me. I'll think about it

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