Fox Mulder
Special Agent Fox Mulder

 Full Name: Fox William MULDER

 Badge Number: JTT047101111

 Hair: Brown

 Height: 6' (180cm)

 Eyes: Green

 Date of Birth: 13 October 1961

 Birthplace: Chilmark, MA

 Address: Apt 42,Alexandria,VA

 Telephone: (202) 555-9355

 Father: William Mulder (Deceased) 

 Address: Marthas Vineyard, West Tisbury MA

 Mother: Unknown Name

 Address: 2790 Vine Street,Chilmark, MA

 Siblings: Samantha Ann Mulder
           Note Disappeared 27 November 1973
 Education: Oxford University,Associate Bachelor in
             Psychology 1982
             Quantico Training Academy 1984

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