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purple dragon Hello, you have arrived safely at the World of Eternal Fantasy. It is my pleasure to welcome you today. This is the entrance to my world. Inside you will find all manner of things that interest me. The world of Eternal Fantasy is full of mysterious, unique creatures and objects. Feel free to roam my world freely.....but be careful what you touch *eg*. Some of our pages are graphics intensive and may take time to load. Don't worry, it will be worth the wait! The Wizard below is capable of teleporting you on to the next area of my world..... or you may scroll down the page and there will be a portal below. May your journey thru Eternal Fantasy be interesting *grin*.

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This Wizard was sent to me by one of my best friends, Thank you Legs!!
Click on the Wizard above to enter the world of Eternal Fantasy!

This is our resident Sorceress Gwenogfryn, Gwen for short! Gwen is not available to download!! If you would like to adopt you own Sorceress or Wizard then please Click Here!! Please remember to say that Gwenogfryn sent you:))

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