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Gore Quotes

From an Associated Press report during the Clinton '92 campaign: Gore, a 16-year veteran of Congress, pledged to take on the assignment with "great relish and enthusiasm." He asked voters skeptical of their promise of change to remember that every Communist government in Eastern Europe had fallen in 100 days.
"Now it's our turn here in the United States of America," Gore said.

In his first appearance in a nationally televised candidates forum, Al Gore was asked to name a past US president from whom he drew personal inspiration. the future veep unhesitatingly replied that he especially admired another "dark horse" candidate, and a product of his home state, the great "president James Knox". The only problem is that the history books show that nobody named Knox ever occupied the White House.

On a televised tour of Monticello, the historic home of Thomas Jefferson, Al Gore paused in the entrance and blinked up at four busts over the door, depicting Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and the Marquis de Lafayette. as the CNN cameras rolled the veep-elect inquired "who are these guys?"

At a meeting of the institute of world affairs, Al Gore provided an original translation of America's official motto, praising the city's ethnic diversity as an illustration of the great principle "e pluribus unum" - "out of one,many". Many conventional Latin scholars translate the phrase as "out of many,one"

During his second hallowe'en as vice-president, the fun loving Al Gore hosted a party for journalists and their families at which he appeared with his face painted green in the style of Frankenstein's monster and handed out an original poem composed for the occasion. the ditty promised "bats and rats and such as that" along with "very scarry (sic) Hallowe'en news"

More "scarry" news came 3 months later: when sending out a letter to the press apologising for yet another embarrassing gaffe, the earnist vice president Al Gore promised reporters that this time he had "learned an important lession (sic)" - though apparantly not spelling. for those who wondered whether he might ever wise up, the answer came at a press conference where he solemnly declared "we all know that a leopard cannot change his stripes." "

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