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Why pay, when you can get it free?
By using these links you can find many things for free. I've gotten books, candy, cleaning supplies, audio tapes, labels, and many other things free through sites such as these. Just remember, don't order it if you don't want it, because it does cost these companies a lot of money to provide these samples. Also, remember that it may take a long time for your free stuff to arrive (and in fact it may never arrive because some companies, usually the smaller ones, are swamped by the volume of orders they receive), so be patient.

I was in the Chicago Tribune a while ago talking about free stuff. A copy of it is here.

Here is another good way to get free stuff.

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Another good way to get free stuff is through rebates. Walgreen's developed a Receipt Savers Rebate Club in which you can do many rebates and send them all to Walgreen's together. This is really easy. Just check if your local Walgreen's has it then watch their flyers (they point out which items are free each week). Then once a month you send all your receipts in for the refunds. I have never had a problem with their system and have always received my rebates in a timely manner.

Computer stores are now doing similar things. CompUSA and Computer city both often have rebates for free items (though not as easy as Walgreen's). Check out their ads. The Computer City I go to can even print out multiple receipts so that you don't have to buy each free-after-rebate item seperately. (11/98 note: this may no longer be true since CompUSA just bought out Computer City, so there is no longer any incentive to have such good rebate offers).


Let me know if you have any other good free stuff sites or if you know of other places that frequently offer good rebates (like Walgreens and CompUSA/Computer City above.


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Let me know of any other free stuff links that are good.

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