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Mr Bean Episodes, Song Translation, and other links

Mr. Bean Episodes

Back to School Mr. Bean: Mr. Bean conducts drills to some cadets, and he goes in the school to take part in drawing, chemsitry and Judo.

The Curse of Mr. Bean: Includes "The Swimming Pool," "The Park Bench," and "Horror Movie" sketches.

Do it yourself, Mr. Bean: Mr. Bean hosts friends for a New Year's Eve party and then buys a new chair and does some redecorating.

Goodnight Mr. Bean: He goes to the hospital because his hand is stuck in a tea pot. Also takes pictures and cures insomnia.

Merry Christmas Mr. Bean: "Shopping" - Harrod's, charity collection, Salvation Army band, "Christmas tree". "Christmas Eve" carolers, stockings, and Christmas dinner in his flat.

Mind the Baby Mr. Bean: Mr Bean ends up with a baby at an amusement park.

Mr. Bean Goes to Town : Includes "Television," "The Park," "Identity Parade," "Club Phut," and "The Disco" sketches.

Mr. Bean in Room 426: Mr. Bean checks into a hotel with strange and funny consequenses.

Mr. Bean Rides Again: Includes "Bus Stop," "Letter," and "Holiday" sketches.

Mr. Bean: Includes "The Exam," "On The Beach," and "The Church" sketches.

The Return of Mr. Bean: Includes "The Department Store," "Restaurant," and "Royal Film" sketches.

Tee Off, Mr. Bean: Mr. Bean playing a really bad game of miniature golf

The Trouble with Mr. Bean: Includes "The Dentist" and "The Park" sketches

Reflections of Mr. Bean: 1 hour. Bits of old shows linked by some new material. Here Mr. Bean goes up to his attic to find an umbrella and recalls past experiences.

Mr. Bean Theme Song Translation

Intro: Ecce homo qui est farba ("Behold the man who is a bean")
Literally this means: look man who is bean

Before break: Finis partis primae ("End of part one")
Literally this means: end part first

After break: Pars secunda ("Part two")

Outro: Vale homo qui est farba ("Farewell, man who is a bean")
vale => goodbye

Mr. Bean Links

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