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Humans suffer from peculiarly self-centered notions as to the nature of life. We assume out of hand that other lifeforms must somehow conform to our comfortable standards of logic and morality. This of course, is absurd.

Our human "morality" is a thin tissue of arbitrary principle, easy ignored when expendient. Why should we expect more from alien lifeforms than we expect from ourselves?

As a matter of practical fact, much of what we presume to know about the alien lifeform is conjecture. However, amidst the theory, there are two absolute, unequivocal facts:

1)They are not like us.

2)We will never truly understand them.

One of the little beasties looking for the perfect victim.....

.....ah! he's just turned up

the colonial marine valiently tries to fight off the alien but in the end he is no match for the swarms of alien creatures

The Alien creature was originally created by a man by the name of H.R Giger. He created it in the late 70's for the upcoming movie master piece of "Alien". The first picture below represents the stages of implantation of a host during which a "Face Hugger" hatches from an egg and leaps to the victims face and inserts a tube down the victims throat and implants an egg, then the Face Hugger dies off and after a few hours the alien inside finds the only way out which is through the victims stomach leaving a bloody mess and a newly created alien lifeform. The second is a profile of Giger's alien from head to about the bottom of its rib cage. The third and fourth are both just different angles of the creature.

Click on any of the above to get a larger scale picture

Interested to know the stages of implantaion? Then click the image below and I'll take you through the gruesome stages of implantation until a new child is born!!


....Not every abduction is made by little green guys with big heads!!

If you are interested to know about the difference in Alien costume design click on the image below.

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