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Steve's Smiley System

An outstanding example of visual storytelling (examples: Maus, Stuck Rubber Baby, From Hell)

An excellent comic that either helps expand the medium or represents a very fine example of its type (examples: The Dark Knight Returns, Astro City, Desert Peach

A very good comic that is well-crafted and enjoyable. Recommended. (examples: Starman, Bacchus, Batman: The Gotham Adventures)

Not my cup of tea but has merit. Most of the Sin City books fall in this category.

Pretty poor. Don't waste your money unless you're a big fan of the writer/artist/character.

No Smileys - AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Even (or perhaps especially) if you're a big fan of the writer/artist/character.

You will rarely, if ever, see me give less than three smileys. That's not because I'm overly generous (I was when I first started, but I did a once and once only rectification), but because my basic feeling is that if it's not worth recommending it's not worth reviewing. The main purpose for this column is to bring things to your attention you might not otherwise discover, which is one reason why I will also tend to review little-known small press books over Marvel & DC superheroes.

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