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What's New?

10/08/2000: OK, OK, it's late. But here it is -- This Week's Good Read is Infelicity. Nothing else new, but I'm working on updating the Cerebus page and the books pages. Hopefully, I'll have the new versions ready by the end of this month.

09/24/2000: Nothing new, except quick notes on my main page and "This Week's Good Read" page apologizing that there's nothing new. Nothing new next week either. Next weekend is Archon, the St. Louis Science Fiction Convention. I should never have re-launched before Archon, since I'm on the committee running the darned thing (Children's Programming), and I'm really, really busy right now. Next new review will be October 6, and hopefully I'll be able to keep up a weekly schedule thereafter.

09/17/2000: OK, this time I'm really late. It's Sunday night as I type this, and I'm not ready to upload yet, so it may be as late as six before anybody gets a chance to read this. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I probably should have waited until after Archon to relaunch. You see, I'm on the committee that's putting on this year's Archon, the local St. Louis, Mo. science fiction convention (which, just to confuse everyone, is actually held in Collinsville, Ill., since St. Louis is one of those border cities that has suburbs in another state). I'm in charge of Children's Programming. Friday night was the last meeting before the con, which is at the end of the month, and last night was a party at the house of our chairperson that was sort of a follow-up to the meeting. I know, I know, I should have done the column Thursday. Easy for you to say. Anyway, it's done now (almost), but I can't promise this won't happen again the next few weeks. By the middle of October, I should be solid. Until then I probably won't be doing any other updating to the site, either. Sorry about that. Anyway, this week's good read is "Xeno's Arrow" Check it out.

09/08/2000: OK, it's Saturday in Greenwich, but it's still Friday here, so I'm not going to consider myself late. I haven't changed as much this week as I had hoped, but I may do some more over the weekend. This Week's Good Read is Everything's Jake, a relatively new online strip. Because I forgot last week to put a link to it, I'll mention again that I seriously revised the Love and Rockets page. That's about it.

09/02/2000: A new relaunch, more or less. I haven't changed much, but I'll be changing everything over the next month or so. The main things are I've started up my This Week's Good Read column again, and I've reset all the counters. For those who are really, really interested in my numbers, I'll be adding comments in the code above the count showing where the count was when I reset Sept. 1. "View" and "Source" will get you there. I also updated the counters to Geocities new format, which uses cookies to tell me things like where people accessed my page from and how many unique visits to a page there were as opposed to folks hitting "reload" trying to get it to come up. Cookies are so ubiquitous at this point I don't think most people object to them, and these seem pretty harmless. I'm NOT collecting any personal information about anyone here, although I'll admit to being a little hazy on what Yahoo/Geocities is doing.

The other "new" thing is I've rewritten part of the Love and Rockets page, and got rid of most of the art I got from the 'net (I never liked the stuff I've dumped) and replaced by my own scans. I've still got a couple of the old pieces up -- the roundup at the top and one pic of Maggie, plus of course the Amazon covers (except for Book 3 -- that one's mine). Check back next week and there will be more!

07/23/1999: I know I said I wasn't going to do any updating for awhile, but one of my projects is organizing my office, unpacking the boxes I've had stuff in for the last 2-3 years and finding a place for it. In doing that, I discovered the premiere of the "Get Out" section of the Post-Dispatch. For various reasons, nothing in this first "Get Out" section made it into the electronic archive, so I didn't have copies of my stories from it, including my review of "Kill Your Boyfriend," which I've always been rather proud of. Since rereading it four years later didn't dampen my enthusiasm for it, I decided to type it up (it's short) and put it up here.

07/11/1999: OK, it's been over 4 months since I went on hiatus for awhile, and I'm still on hiatus and I intend to be for awhile longer. Maybe even the rest of the year. Don't bother coming back here again unless the front page changes.

03/07/1999: Emergency! Emergency! Everybody to get from street!

I've always wanted to use that line somewhere. It's from a wonderful little '60s farce called "The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!" Anyway, I hate to say this but I'm going to have to take another sabbatical. Yeah, yeah, I know I just had one, but I'm working seriously on the house again, I'm going to England in a few weeks and most importantly my computer has been acting screwy ever since I got it so I'm going to be dropping it off at the repair shop and who knows when I'll get it back? Kind of hard to do a weekly web column without a computer. I hope that by the time I get back up I'll have the enlarged version of the recommend book page ready, and I may even hold up a week or two in order to do that. In any case, this is going to be the last This Week's Good Read column for awhile. And This Week's Good Read is The Victorian.

02/22/1999: I'm working on an updated version of the Recommend Books page, not a big thing, just adding some books, but I'm not ready to upload it yet. So the only thing new is This Week's Good Read, which is Slightly Bent Comics.

02/14/1999: Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of the day, I had to do a love comic, and there are few of those around anymore, so the field was pretty restricted. When you narrow it further to recently released and my acknowledge my preference for alternative comics, there's really only one: This Week's Good Read is Sweet.

02/07/1999: OK, I've completely reorganized my main page - but you knew that, didn't you? The tantalizing non-link to "The Future of Comics" is a rant I hope to write soon. I made another slight change to the Recommend Books page (added a note at the bottom of the Cages description that KSP is out of business and the Amazon link may not actually result in a filled order and plugging local comics shop Star Clipper which has several copies). This Week's Good Read is Kabuki - no, you haven't missed an issue, it's new because I recently discovered it.

02/01/1999: Mea culpa, mea culpa. For the first time in 20 years or so, I watched the Super Bowl (it was my daughter's first football game). So, here I am a day late, but since there's no money involved I'm not a dollar short. First item of business: I said I wouldn't make a habit of it, and I haven't (first and only previous time was May 4, 1998), but I realized looking over my ratings that I had to adjust a couple of them. Whiteout for instance, just kept getting better and better right through to the end, so I've upgraded it from 3 ½ smileys to 4. And as much as I like last week's Good Read, Goats, the fact is that my favorite online strip is still Sluggy Freelance, so if Goats rates 3 ½ smileys then Sluggy must too. I've gone through the entire backlist of Good Reads on the Reviews Page and put in ALT tags next to the smileys to make it more accessible. I've been doing it on all new reviews for a few weeks now, but it will take me a while to get all the old reviews fixed. I made a slight change to the Recommend Books page (I had added Cages a few weeks ago and put it at the top, but I forgot to put it in the list of true literature in the introduction). And since it's been getting so much discussion over on rac.* (especially rac.misc), I decided to make This Week's Good Read The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

01/24/1999: My interview with Neil went great, you can read all about it here.This Week's Good Read is the online strip Goats.

01/17/1999: Nothing new this week. I interviewed Neil Gaiman Friday, had to work my day job Saturday, and the article based on the review has to be on the editor's desk my 9:00 a.m. Monday. See you all next week. (The good news is that the early deadline is because they want to run it Wednesday, so it'll be added to my Interview page next week).

01/10/1999: Hey, I got another review published in the Post-Dispatch! It was of Neil Gaiman's Stardust, and unlike previous reviews I'm getting it up on the web the same day it appeared in the paper! I've also deleted the review of Anne Rice's Armand, because it was so butchered by the Post that it ended on a half-sentence and the whole thing didn't make much sense. And I wasn't all that knocked out by the book anyway. I corrected my review of Sharon Shinn's The Allelulia Files, which I was coming across as one big paragraph. I'm going to have to try to do the review early next week, or I may actually skip a week, because this time next week I'll be hard at work on turning out a story for the Post based on my interview with Neil Gaiman this coming Friday. Woo-woo!!! In the meantime, my Good Read for this week is Uncle Sam.

01/04/1999: Happy New Year! OK, I'm a day late and there's not much new here, but perhaps you heard about the snowstorm that blasted the Midwest. When it came, I was ecstatic, I thought I had a snowed-in three day weekend and I'd get lots of work done on this page. Instead, I had to work Saturday and ended up having to go out Sunday, too (and "going out" entailed hair-raising, slow going turning even short trips into hours-long marathons), and even had to go out today (grrr). Well, I did add a couple of comics to my list of recommended comics magazines (although there are no new descriptions since last week), and I updated my comics links page with a corrected Wraithspace address (and I broke the old wraithspace entry in two to reflect the new design of the site). The big news is that my other website is finally up and running - come visit The Morgue (that's a News Librarian's little joke - I called my guestbook here the same thing). It's a pretty simple page, with just three subpages for now - a list of News Sites, my News Research page that is essentially my bookmarks from my work computer at the Post-Dispatch, where I do research for reporters, and a list of online comics that I read more-or-less daily. I put it up January 1, 1999, which is another reason this site has been neglected. Oh yeah, and This Week's Good Read is Age of Bronze.

12/27/1998: This Week's Good Read is only the second time since I started the column I've given anything five smileys, but that's how good Berlin is. I actually did something else, too. I did some housekeeping on all the previous Reads columns, correcting a couple of errors, and I actually added a description to my list of recommended comics magazines - of Oni Double Feature.

12/20/1998: Again nothing new but the review. Hey, Christmas is coming up. Give me a break. At least I'm keeping the column current. This Week's Good Read is Geisha.

12/13/1998: Nothing new this week except This Week's Good Read: The Bundled Doonesbury.

12/06/1998: Added a bunch of books to the Good Comics Magazines list, things I have on my pull list that hadn't made the list since it's been so long since it was updated (plus a few almosts, just as I had a few on there before I don't actually buy). I also deleted all the ones no longer running and a couple I've dropped. This Week's Good Read is Wahoo Morris.

11/29/1998: Not much noticeably new, but every page is freshly loaded. I finally got around to fixing the table at the bottom of each page to reflect the fact that I've added a Love and Rockets page to go with my Cerebus and Sandman pages. While doing that, I noticed and fixed a minor flaw in the reviews pages. Other than that, the only thing new is This Week's Good Read, which is Nukees

11/22/1998: I'm back! I didn't get as much work done on the site during my break as I had hoped, but the hiatus didn't last as long as I had feared. Exactly two months after reporting that I might be gone until the first of the year, and here it is not even Thanksgiving yet. I have updated the Good Comic Books page, and I've added my recently published reviews of A Jew In Communist Prague - Book 3: Rebellion and Anne Rice's The Vampire Armand to my reviews page. And of course, this week I'm starting back on my weekly review column, This Week's Good Read. I've decided that the weekly column is, in fact, more important than putting in descriptions of all the recommended books in my ambitious list of recommended comic books. I will be trying to update the later bit by bit as the year progresses, though, and hope to have the whole thing completed by my birthday next year (late March).

09/22/1998: My father-in-law died last night. The last three months have been physically and emotionally draining, and keeping up this column has been much more difficult than I ever anticipated. I've neglected nearly everything else on this website the last month. For example, on my ambitious list of worthwhile comic books, half the books don't have descriptions. So. No more reviews until everything else is done, and I'm going to be working at my own pace, not an enforced weekly update schedule. This could be somewhat irregular, since in addition to a job and a continuing rehabbing project (oh, yes, my office is done but elsewhere the work goes on), I have joined the Grand Comic Book Database project and am indexing Love and Rockets and Poison Elves, plus I'm designing another website at my regular internet service provider (all that's there now is a mirror of an old version of my front page here; I'm going to do something completely different with links back and forth between the two of them). . . My eyes were always bigger than my tummy at the dinner table, and it seems the same is true here on the Web.

I will be updating this site occasionally. Check this page for details. I will be starting up "This Week's Good Read" again sometime, hopefully in a month or two, almost certainly by the beginning of next year (he hedges, having started to type "certainly" and quickly adding "almost" in front of it). By then, this whole site will be much better. I promise.

One improvement I have made tonight is that the list of Past Good Reads now includes the smiley ratings for each comic (duh - why didn't I think of that before?), and the introduction to that part of the review page condenses the meaning of the ratings.

09/13/1998: What happened last week? A ton of things, including personal problems revolving around my father-in-law being in the hospital all summer than would bore you and are none of your business anyway, and a frantic, frenetic time at work when my employer and the whole town went crazy just because this guy hit a little home run that barely cleared the left field wall. Seriously, I'm as caught up in McGwire-mania as anybody, and you may have heard that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, where I work, put out two special editions and sold over a million copies of the regular Wednesday morning run (our normal weekday circulation is about 300,000). We reprinted that paper Wednesday afternoon, Wednesday evening (making Thursday papers late) and again Thursday afternoon. They're selling on Ebay and other places but if you really want a collector's item, go for the sets that include both special editions. We reprinted the second one, when he hit #62, and ended up with over half a million of them, but we only printed 80,000 of the ones celebrating #61. We could have sold at least double that, but who knew?

I'm glad I had something up for the two weeks that deserves as much attention as possible. You probably can't find a copy of Cages - my local shop only ordered enough to fill pre-orders, despite the fact that it's a pretty graphic novel oriented shop, because of the high cost, and kept them all under the counter until the customers came in (it wouldn't fit in the boxes). Still, if you can manage to get your hands on it, don't let the price scare you away. You couldn't possibly buy $45 worth of comics magazines that would stand up 10 years from now as literature you'd want to have on your shelf to reread the way this book will.

So, even though I had two weeks, I've done nothing to my website at all. I'm so ashamed. All I have for you is This Week's Good Read, Astounding Space Thrills.

08/30/1998: OK, in addition making more additons to my list of Recommended Comic Books, I entirely redid my Links page, not adding anything but deleting everything but the comics links and renaming it "Comics Links." The other stuff may be back later in some form. I also completely redid the Main Page, or at least I completely refigured the index table and made some corrections to the text. I added the Love and Rockets page, now that it's more-or-less complete, as well as a "Sign Guestbook" link and a spot for my next rant (sometime in the next month or so - possibly next week).

One of the things I added to the recommended list is a description of Watchmen. The other is a new book, right up at the top in the place of honor, even above Maus (although that may be only temporary). It's also This Week's Good Read: Dave McKean's Cages

08/27/1998: Emergency update to the list of Recommended Comic Books to fix a misstyped link to the Love and Rockets page - and since I was doing that, I decided to go ahead and upload the new version of that page, instead of waiting until Sunday night. It is now as finished as it's going to be for the next few months, featuring descriptions of all the collected books I own.

08/23/1998: OK, OK, it's a whole week later and nothing new except the review. Well, it is taking me longer to get my office set up than I anticipated. So sue me. From now on, I'm going to be putting stuff up Sunday night instead of Monday morning, since I don't have to do it from work. This Week's Good Read is Whiteout, by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber. Check it out.

08/17/1998: A little late, but I'm sending this stuff tonight FROM MY OWN COMPUTER HERE IN MY HOME OFFICE! Yea! No more being dependent on the computer at work to do this stuff!!! OK, so what's new here at the site, as opposed to in my life. Well, I've typed in the Comics Journal version of my Art Spiegelman interview. I now have all of my non-Post-Dispatch stuff that I wanted to get on here available, so I can get back to work on my Love and Rockets page and the list of Recommended Comic Books. :-) This Week's Good Read is Kevin & Kell.

08/10/1998: Not much new, but I did type in the second of two articles I wrote based on my interview with William Gibson. This one was published in STARLOG #200. That's all except, of course, This Week's Good Read, which is Strangehaven.

08/06/1998: Emergency fix to this page! I happened to call up this page on Geocities and saw the mess I'd made of it. Calling up the code, I discovered I'd closed many of my "A HREF" links with "/B" instead of "/A", going back several weeks. Oops. Sorry to anybody who'd visited and tried to link off this page and to something and couldn't. I'll be more careful in the future.

08/03/1998: Some rearrangement of the list of Recommended Comic Books, creating a "Crime Stories" category and a "Books About Comics" category, and adding a couple of books. Only new description is Red River. Also managed to find and type in my review of Mea Culpa that ran in The Comics Journal. Last but certainly not least, This Week's Good Read is Bob Fingerman's White Like She.

07/27/1998: Hoo, boy! All this AND worked on my room! I finally wrote an Introduction for my Love and Rockets page, so that page is more or less done. I still have three books that I haven't written descriptions for, and of course there are the ones I don't have yet. That could take months. But except for descriptions to be added, it's more-or-less complete. The Cerebus page now has links, and I realize I need to write a better description of Guys, although I'll probably wait on Rick's Story until the book is out and I can reread it as a novel. I was too dismissive of Guys precisely because I hadn't gotten around to doing that. I adjusted the examples in my ratings page. Last, but not least, This Week's Good Read is gutwallow, a self-published fantasy comic starring a gingerbread man.

07/20/1998: No new review, This Week's Good Read is still Sluggy Freelance, held over because I was unable to promote it properly. I did add a little to the Love and Rockets page, and I added links to for all the books on the Sandman page. I also added my review of Sharon Shinn's The Alleluia Files to my Science Fiction and Fantasy Reviews.

07/14/98: Oops again. Most of this was ready to go yesterday, but I had neglected to transfer it from my home computer (currently still wireless, but probably only a week or two away now - THE HOME OFFICE IS FINISHED! (but not yet furnished)), and when I overslept yesterday morning it became impossible to get it done and take it to work (and to make things more confusing, I'm actually typing this last night). Not much added to the Love and Rockets page, though I did finish the description of Book Two and got in one sentence of the next one. I ended up instead adding Our Cancer Year to the list of recommended books, which I can't believe I somehow forgot about when I was first compiling it. I also added "new" tags to all the books that have been added since my vacation. Not all of them are strictly "new," but they're all new since the original formulation of the page. I'll probably remove them the next time I add to it, replacing them on whatever new stuff I put on (which will probably be awhile, 'cause I really intend to concentrate on the Love and Rockets page for awhile). This Week's Good Read is Sluggy Freelance, an online comic by Pete Abrams. Oh yeah, and doofus me finally added a "sign guestbook" link to my main page (you could always do if from the banner at the top, and I won't be redoing the index table until the L&R page is done, but at least the text link is there. PLEASE SOMEBODY SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!

P.S. - All the updated pages except this one say they were updated today (tomorrow), even though they really won't be updated until tomorrow (today). I'm not going to try to go back and change them all. My brain is getting fuzzy. Soon it will be tomorrow (today). Good night.

07/06/1998: Boy, howdy. Lots of changes. I STILL haven't quite got my home office done (almost, though - hopefully by this time next week I'll be online at home). The biggest change is that my Recommended Comic Books list has been split in two. The original page has the introduction and the list and descriptions of Mainstream books (or what would be called mainstream in any medium but comics). Fantasy, Science Fiction, Superheroes and everything else are on a second page. There are some new descriptions there since the last update last month. The first page now includes links to that let you directly order any of the books that they have (or at least the ones they had last I checked - I'll try to keep this updated). I'll get similar links on the descriptions on the second page, where appropriate, soon. I've also split off Love and Rockets into its own separate page, but I'm not really proud of it yet. It needs a lot of work before it rivals my Cerebus or Sandman pages. Those, too, will soon have links. I added META tags to all of my main pages to help the search engines index them. Finally, I've started up my weekly "Good Reads" column again, and This Week's Good Read is Oni Double Feature.

06/16/1998: I know, I know, I wasn't going to change anything until the Fourth of July. Well, I made a typo on the Sandman Page (misspelled Dylan Verheul's name, and he was very gracious about correcting it), plus I decided to join Geocities' Amazon Associates program, so I wanted to get a couple of links to that up on my main page and my Good Comics (Books) page. Having done all that, I decided I ought to change this one, too, to reflect those changes. But don't expect to see anything else new until next month.

06/08/1998: As promised, a rather extensive rewrite of my Sandman page, the result of my recently completed rereading of the entire series. I am even more impressed than I was before at the breadth and depth of Gaiman's achievement. My summation at the end of my description of The Kindly Ones is that if the complete SANDMAN "is not a literary masterpiece, I don't know what one is." (This from someone who took High Honors in English as an undergraduate, having done a thesis on Beowulf in the original Old English.) This Week's Good Read is Cypher, a book by Brad Teare.

AND, despite getting all that done, I actually also managed to get some work done on the list of worthwhile books. I finished off the fantasy section with The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde and Deadface: Immortality Isn't Forever. Then I got started on the science fiction with V for Vendetta (yeah, I know it's not really a science fiction book, but it is set in the future and I had to put it somewhere).

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will be my last update for about a month. I'm going to be working on my house hard & heavy, and then going on vacation (and I'm still without access at home, which is one reason why I'm working on the house hard & heavy), so the next update will be after the Fourth of July.

06/01/1998: Oops. I misremembered Enemy Ace: War Idyll, so I had to rewrite the its description. I also added descriptions of two books by Jon J. Muth (one of which hadn't even been on the list previously), Dracula: A Symphony in Moonlight and Nightmares, and The Mythology of an Abandoned City. I also added Viking Glory: The Viking Prince to the list, with a description.. I cleaned up some of the past Good Reads columns (#s 7-10) because I had them formatted wrong (just cosmetic changes), and added a note to the column about Road to Perdition to correct a misapprehension, thanks to an e-mail from Max Allan Collins. Next week, instead of more descriptions in the book list, I'm going to substantially rewrite my Sandman page based on my recently completed rereading of the entire work. After that, I think I'm going to take off a couple of weeks to concentrate on finishing my office/den/library so I can get back online and not have to send this stuff from work anymore.

Oh yeah, and This Week's Good Read is the Galaxion Special.

05/25/98: I'm actually writing this the 24th, and I hope to go into work tomorrow morning and upload this. If not, it will really go up the 26th, but I'm not going to redate everything. I finished out the Mainstream section of my book list (except for Strangers in Paradise), by writing a description of Enemy Ace: War Idyll and deciding to give away the fact that Red River really belongs in science fiction. The first two entries under fantasy were Cerebus and Sandman which already have their own pages, and I put in a short description of Bone, so the link from my magazine list page finally works - there really is a list of the Bone volumes there, now. (Sorry it took so long.) That's all this week, except of course, the Good Read, which is Minimum Wage.

05/19/1998: A day late because I STILL haven't got wired at home yet, and I didn't work yesterday. Only two new additions to the book list, Days to Remember and Mea Culpa. The latter includes a link to my review of it that ran in the Post-Dispatch back when it came out in 1990. This Week's Good Read is Road to Perdition by Max Allan Collins and Richard Piers Rayner.

05/11/1998: On time again! Updating the links page a couple of weeks ago reminded me what a sorry state it was in. It's still not fixed, but the comics links are all in order now and all have descriptions. There are a couple of pretty good ones I've stumbled across in the last couple of weeks that aren't on there, but it's a pretty complete list of the stuff I've found surfing the web and following links posted to the newsgroups in the last year or so. No new additions to the book list. This Week's Good Read is Paper & Binding.

05/04/1998: OK, this one should be on time (i.e., Monday morning), and I got a decent amount done. First off, I realized that when I started I was overly generous with my smileys. I won't make a habit of this, but as a one-time thing I went back and changed several of the ratings of the "Good Reads." I also added a ratings page that explains my system. The comic book list now includes descriptions of A Contract with God, The Playboy, Jar of Fools ( a too-short description which will have to be revised when I can put my hands on the books), Mr. Punch, Violent Cases, Signal to Noise and The Ballad of Doctor Richardson. This Week's Good Read is the online comic strip Bruno the Bandit.

04/27/1998: A little late, but getting closer (Monday afternoon instead of morning). Also, despite what I said the 4/15 about the booklist, I've uploaded an update to the Links page (I made it a priority partly because I realized I didn't have a link to Ian McDonald's wonderful Bruno the Bandit online comic strip), with a lot more comics links. I also gave it a new title because at this point most of the links are NOT on other pages. This week's good read is Cathedral Child.

04/21/1998: Another late update, no excuse. My plan is to upload these Monday morning when I get to work until I get my home access again (stall on the project, but the end is still in sight). New review of House of Java as This Week's Good Read is all that's new this time.

04/15/1998: Late updating because I'm on vacation, and have no web access at home (that will change soon; I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on my office/den renovation). New review of Alison Bechdel's book; corrected the inoperable Love & Rockets link on my Comics & Comic Books rant; started a proofreading of the Cerebus page that led to wholesale rewriting, especially longer descriptions of most of the phonebooks that make up the first half; and started adding to the descriptions on the list of worthwhile comic books, filling out the Adolf description (and correcting the spelling throughout) and adding a description of Eddie Campbell's The Complete Alec. I also made a couple of cosmetic changes to the "Good Reads" columns - the old ones will change format to match the published reviews, more or less, and the table at the bottom now leads to This Week's, Last Week's and Previous Reads as well as the rest of my pages. Next up on the booklist is Strangers in Paradise, but I need to track down the names of the various volumes before I can do that one (I own them all in comics form and haven't gotten around to getting the books), so I may temporarily skip it and do the Eisner books next. Finishing the book list - or at least getting in basic descriptions of all the books there - is the biggest priority after the weekly review column for changes, so don't expect any of the other things mentioned in the March 30th entry to happen until that's done.

04/05/1998: Busy week at work, followed by busier weekend at home. Nothing new except This Week's Good Read (Steve Gerber's Nevada).

03/30/1998: Obviously, at this point, everything is technically new. Every page has been altered at least in appearance, if not in substance. The things changed the least are the reviews. I've deleted a bunch, but for the most part they're the same as they were before the change, they just look a little different. Ditto for the interviews. The big new feature is the "Good Reads" column, which aims to be weekly. The rants on alternative comics and "graphic novels" have been completely rewritten and separated off from my lists of worthwhile comics magazines and books, and I've done separate pages for Sandman and Cerebus.

I had hoped to have the book list and the links page finished in time for this relaunch, but it was not to be. The new version has more descriptions than the old one, but it's still mostly a list. From now on, I'll flag it here whenever I add new descriptions to that page, as well as any other changes to existing pages. The links page is a mess, it's not complete and if I hadn't built links to it on all the other pages I'd just leave it out. Consider it under heavy construction.

In addition to the weekly review column and expanding the descriptions on the list of books, future projects include revising the descriptions of the magazines to include more links and doing a page on Love and Rockets similar to the Sandman and Cerebus pages. I still have a few articles that I lack electronic versions of I hope to find time to type in someday (including the Starlog version of my William Gibson interview and my review of "Kill Your Boyfriend"). Last but not least, I hope to add a resume to my "Who am I?" page. So even though I feel like I've been very busy the last month or so getting this ready, I've still got a lot of work ahead of me.

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