Daughter of "Phantom Killer" ,  9 times winner in Arizona pits.  The mother was 1/2 Democrat, 1/8 Murphy Roundhead, 1/8 Leiper Hatch and 1/4 LAX (a mystery hen acquired from Pareng Abel Alex) also a daughter of "Phantom Killer".   Her son "Airwolf", a  5.5 lbs super spur, capable of shredding opponent in a blink, is her pride.  Her and "Airwolf" are bred today and already producing high-station, lightning-fast Air and Ground destruction machines, the "SENADOR". This breed is sometimes called by fellow cockers as "Red Ninja", an indestructible Japanese mythical warrior.  Of course, no such thing as a 100% winner, but is it not that a very high percentage winning is everyone's dream in this sport. This is the product of 18 years scientific genetics;  time, patience and perseverance leads to the accomplishment of all things.