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Update: Friday, February 06, 2009 



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Photos of Prince Amyn Muhammad Aga Khan in Scout Rally 1986


Message of our Beloved Chie Scout H.S.H. Prince Amyn Muhammad Aga Khan in the Scout Rally-1986 organized by Shia Imami Ismaili Association for Scouts, Guides, Bands & Orchestras, Karachi: 

o  “The Scout Movement has always stood for noble ideas, service to the mankind and to all levels of Society, Self Sacrifice and Hard work, Tolerance and Respect for the Brotherhood of Man, Discipline and Self reliance. 

o  These ideals are well relevant today as ever. When the development of our Society tends all too often to lead towards diversiveness, intolerance, dislocation and egoism, it is thus in my view important that we keep the Scout Movement alive and fully active, that we resist any tendency to apathy, to self satisfaction or to a failing confidence in the relevancy and possibilities of the movement. 

o  The Movement is relevant and its possibilities for playing a vital role in the fabric of modern life remain very considerable indeed. 

o  Scouting had useful part to play in modern life such as: 

-   Urban activities - assistance during public functions, holidays or celebrations,  traffic control, assistance to the elderly and handicapped, first aid, etc; and

-   Rural activities – better medical and schooling facilities, infra structures, such as road, sewerage and fresh water, etc. 

o  Scouting movement is by its ethic and nature ideally suited to play a role in such self help projects either in initiating or helping to initiate them or in implementing them. 

o  I would urge you therefore in this direction as another means of making a lasting and essential contribution to the Society around you all over the Country. 

o  In particular I would like to see you make every effort to assist our Scouting and Guide Movement to become even better organized in other parts of Pakistan. 

o  I should like you to give some thoughts to improving your communications and your exchanges with our Scouts, Guides and Bands in other parts of the world. 

o  I hope you will continue in your endeavors, seeking ever greater progress and unity. 

o  I am also, I should like to say, proud of the many National Awards and Honours which the Association and its Units have now won up to date. 

o  I urge you all to emulate these past honours and to seek to deserve more such awards. 

o  Finally, I want to tell you how pleased and proud I am with the progress that Association and Units have made over these past years.”