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Update: Saturday, January 03, 2009 



The Aim
The aim of the Scout Section is to encourage the spiritual, mental and physical development of the eleven to sixteen years old youths as an integral part of an overall plan of continuous training throughout the age ranges of the Movement.

The Method
The method of achieving the aim of the Scout Section is by providing an enjoyable, attractive and worth-while scheme of progressive training and to operate Patrol System in the troop, based on the Scout Law and Promise and guided by adult leadership.

Age Range
The age range for the Scout Section be the 11th to 17th birthday totally 6 years.

Minimum standard of a Scout Troop
Members : not less than 12 members.

Leaders :

  1. at least 2 adults, one of whom shall hold a warrant and if the troop has both male and female members, there shall be male and female leaders.

  2. each calendar year, at least one-quarter of the troop shall gain a Higher Progress Awards.

  3. each member must have had the opportunity to attend at least one Patrol or Troop Camp during the year.

Scout Training

The training of Scouts adopts a progressive training supplemented by a series of proficiency badges. Scouts are lead through a step-by-step learning process, in which their efforts and achievements are awarded and appreciated.

Progressive Badges include the Quaid-e-Azam Award ,Chief Commissioner's Award and Chief Scout's Award. The progressive training characterizes in adopting the patrol system as the core, encouraging new members while satisfying the needs of the older members.

The basic skills of Scouting activities like camping, cooking, exploration and other interests are included in the syllabuses of the Tender Foot, Second Class and First Class Awards. The Challenger Award demands a higher level of skill, as well as introducing self-reliance and service to other people. The Chief Scout's Award is the highest award in the Scout Section, aiming at developing leadership and a sense of responsibility.

In normal situations, a Scout should begin his/her training at the Tender Foot, then progresses to the next award after completing the first one. However, in special cases, e.g. a scout joins the troop at the age of 14, he/she can go directly for a higher-level award if he/she can satisfy the requirements of that award. However, progressive achievement of the sections: 'Scout Skill', 'Adventure', 'Promise' and 'Proficiency/Activity Badge' should be maintained.