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arn more revenue from your website, while providing visitors with a more rewarding online experience. Google AdSense™ automatically delivers text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site and your site content—ads so well-matched, in fact, that your readers will actually find them useful. And when you add Google Web Search to your site, AdSense delivers targeted ads to your search results pages too. With AdSense you earn more ad revenue with minimal effort—and no additional cost.
irst thing is first. You need a web site. That is a U.R.L address like
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etting started is fast and easy.
Getting started as a Google AdSense publisher is easy. It only takes a few moments to apply online for both content and search ads. Once you're approved, simply log in to your account, copy a block of HTML code and paste it into your existing ad server or any of your web pages. And that's it—you're done. Relevant ads start to appear on your web pages, and your earnings start to add up. To make your adsense account Click the Google Adsense