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Do you remember her ? that classy lady walking hand to hand with her husband filling the nights of  Lebanese TV with Joy , she is Imm Melhem , or Salwa Haddad , the wife of the Famous Abou Melhem , the Gentleman from Mount Lebanon , still wearing his sherwal , and writing episodes of his famous series "yes3ed masakoum" in which he ( Adib el Haddad ) used to star with his wife , more than 300 episodes    of this show dealing with problems in the Lebanese society were recorded in the 60s and 70s , TELE LIBAN still shows these episodes and we still enjoy them , it was in  1941 the couple Got married , she was a teacher and a pioneer in the Lebanese theater movement , that prepared for the Rahbani Brothers to continue the work . And in addition to her work with her Husband , Salwa Fares el Hajj , who became Salwa el Haddad made historical appearances  on the side of lady Fairouz in Safar Barlek and Bint el Hares , and she retired after her husband's death .

And in 11-11-2002 she went to meet her husband in a better place , this wallpaper is an homage to this great Figure of Lebanese art , and you can listen in the background of this page to the dialogue between salwa and  Fairouz , about the tirany of the ottoman criminals who were commiting crimes while occupying Lebanon and the rest of the East , keeping it in the darkness and the ignorance, when this film "Safar Barlek" was produced the Turkish government attacked it  , and managed to stop it from showing in many arabic nations unfortunately , but whatever the turcs or some ignorant arab minds think , the truth still is that Lebanon remained , the east got Free and culture and arts are making a new heritage in this region .

Also in the same date , at 11-11-1943 , was the beginning of the independence  of Lebanon , it was like this day in 1943  that the French authorities while still occupying Lebanon and directed by the commandant Helleu , they captured the President Bechara el Khoury and his government  and took them to the fortress of Rachaya , and after 11 days they got free , and it was the independence day for Lebanon  in 22-11-1943 .   


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