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Contact Information

Mail is generally reliable, but takes 2-3 weeks.

Keir Paesel/Robyn Holder
c/o ICSA
06 BP 544
Cote d' Ivoire (West Africa)

EMAIL keirobyn*yahoo.com

FAX/VOICE MAIL (646) 365 8299 (in the US)
This is a J2.com fax number, it will forward your faxes to us as email attachments.

PHONE (225) 2241 8732
Robyn's Mobile 05 96 1754
Keir's Mobile 05 96 1761
The code for Cote d' Ivoire 225. Their are no city area codes.


Du Da's Birthday November 13
Mutti's Birthday July 20
Kris's Birthday October 27
Erik's Birthday September 29
Spencer's Birthday April 11
Keir's Birthday March 10
Robyn's Birthday March3
Mom and Du's Anniversary August 24
Brett and Pat's Anniversary August 19
Keir and Robyn's Anniversary January 13

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