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Perochak | My Pages

Perochak is the name of Village. This village is at the equi distance from Motra, Badyana and Sialkot. It is siatuated in the Middle of Motra-Badyana Road. The name Perochak, is a mixture of two words Pero and Chak
Pero, as said that the name of a person lived first in this village, but some says that due to number of Tombs of Saints.
Chak is a urdu word and means that the spot where a group of people live togather.
Population :
The Population of this village is about 6500. (1998)
Educations :
The Education level of this village is very low. One Middle(Elementry) School that was of the same state at the time of indepence of Pakistan. A Girls high School but No standard.
Religious :
The religious status of this village is considered as very low. All most all types of religious people could be found here. Such as Shia, Sunni, wahabi, Christians, Salafi, Dawobandi, Jamat-a-islami, Quadyani etc. But There is still peace in this village means the Religious Peace but some times there is a little disturbance occures b/w Quadyani and Sunni and otheres.

About Muhammadan Groups

Muhammad groups is the group of people belonging to this village and used to discuss the religious basics among the muslims and others.

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