Piombino Apollo

How, then, shall I sing of you...

...who in all ways are a worthy theme of song? Homeric Hymn: to Delian Apollon

Leto was joined in love with Zeus...

...who holds the aegis, and bore Apollon and Artemis delighting in arrows, children lovely above all the sons of Heaven. Hesiod, Theogony 920

A Dedication to Lord Apollon

Androclus, O Apollon, gives this bow to thee, wherewith in the chase striking many a beast he had luck in his aim: since never did the arrow leap wandering from the curved horn or speed vainly from his hand; for as often as the inevitable bowstring rang, so often he brought down his prey in air or thicket; wherefore to thee, O Phoebus, he brings this Lyctian weapon as an offering, having wound it round with rings of gold.
Epigram XLII

A Dedication to Lord Apollon

Eunomus the Locrian hangs up this brazen grasshopper to the Lycorean god, a memorial of the contest for the crown. The strife was of the Lyre, and Parthis stood up against me: but when the Locrian shell sounded under the plectrum, a lyre-string rang and snapped jarringly; but ere ever the tune halted in its fair harmonies, a delicate-trilling grasshopper seated itself on the lyre and took up the note of the lost string, and turned the rustic sound that till then was vocal in the groves to the strain of our touch upon the lyre; and therefore, blessed son of Leto, he does honour to thy grasshopper, seating the singer in brass upon his harp.
Epigram XIV