The Thirteen Zodiac Astrological Constellations - Sun Signs



Definition: The 13 Sun sign constellations of Real Solar Zodiac astrology. In the table below can be found the Sun sign dates and the Characters and Houses of the Real Solar Zodiac Sun signs. To see where the Sun is right now, follow this link.

  Sun Sign    Meaning   Dates   Character   Planet in 'House' 
01:   Pisces   the Fishes   12 Mar to 18 Apr   Equinoctial   Venus [Feminine Aspect] 
02:   Aries   the Ram   19 Apr to 13 May   Solid   Mercury [Masculine Aspect] 
03:   Taurus   the Bull   14 May to 19 Jun   Bicorporeal   Moon [Feminine]
04:   Gemini   the Twins   20 Jun to 20 Jul   Solsticial   Sun [Masculine] 
05:   Cancer   the Crab   21 Jul to 9 Aug  Solid   Mercury [Feminine Aspect] 
06:  Leo   the Lion   10 Aug to 15 Sep   Bicorporeal   Venus [Masculine Aspect] 
07:  Virgo   the Maiden   16 Sep to 30 Oct   Equinoctial   Mars [Feminine Aspect] 
08:  Libra   the Scales   31 Oct to 22 Nov   Solid   Jupiter [Masculine Aspect] 
09:  Scorpius   the Scorpion   23 Nov to 29 Nov     Bicorporeal   Saturn [Feminine Aspect] 
10:  Ophiuchus    the Serpent Bearer   30 Nov to 17 Dec   Bicorporeal**   Saturn [Feminine Aspect]** 
11  Sagittarius   the Archer   18 Dec to 18 Jan   Solsticial   Saturn [Masculine Aspect] 
12:  Capricornus     the Sea Goat   19 Jan to 15 Feb   Solid   Jupiter [Feminine Aspect] 
13:  Aquarius   the Water Carrier   16 Feb to 11 Mar   Bicorporeal   Mars [Masculine Aspect] 
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*Updated from the 'Age of Aries' descriptions of the character of signs to be found in Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos.
**On the assumption that Ophiuchus has the same character and planetary ruler as Scorpius, as the two share the space which is mistakenly alotted to Scorpius alone by Ptolemy, as he uses an equal-sign solar zodiac.

Further Information:   The stars of all 48 Classical constellations were considered by ancient astrologers to be significant in astrology, not just the stars of the Zodiac constellations listed above. Ptolemy, in his masterwork Tetrabiblos, also lists the powers of the stars of the non zodiac constellations of Classical astrology.

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