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A reference for astrological concepts. It concentrates on the more controversial areas of astrology. This is always likely to be a work in progress.

Further Links:

01:  Astrological Ages: The Age of Aries, The Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius, and the 2012 Maya date.
02:  Astrological Concepts: The Ancient and Modern concepts which were are used to understand the different positions and movements of the stars and planets as seen from Earth.
03:  Astrological Constellations: The 13 Solar Zodiac constellations of astrology.
04:  Cycles of the Earth, Moon and Sun: The various times and cycles of the movements of the Earth, Moon and Sun. 
05:  Evidence for Astrology How to prove that a system of astrology works. 
06:  Astrological FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions in astrology.
07:  Astrological Gods: The Gods and Goddesses of astrology.
08:  Astrological Houses: The Twelve Houses and the many House Systems of astrology.
09:  History of Astrology: How astrology has come into being over the last four thousand years.
10:  Astrological Omens: The omen astrology of the Babylonians before 550 BC.
11:  Astrological Planets: The Sun, Moon, planets and minor bodies in astrology.
12:  Prince William's Astrology: An in-depth look at the Skies, Star Charts, and the various Zodiac Wheels, House Systems and Horoscopes of Prince William, as an example of how Western astrology is used.
13:  Principles of Modern Sun-Sign Astrology: Aspects, and other fundamental ideas, which underpin Western Sun-sign astrology, using the Tropical Zodiac.
14:  Astrological Sources: The original source texts of astrology.
15:  Types of Astrology: The different types and functions of astrology
16:  Astrological View Points - Views from the Earth: How our views of the heavens underpin Western Sun-sign astrology.
17:  The Zodiacs: The various zodiacs used in astrology, from the Western Tropical Zodiac to the Galactic Zodiac.

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