Vintage Advertisements Of Worcester Merchants

The images shown on the following pages give a insight into the products and services that were offered by merchants and manufacturers in Worcester in the late 19th century and early 20th century. All images came from original Illustrated Ad Covers and Ad Inserts from my collection.

Since some of the images are fairly large, each image is described below as a link. Simply click on the links of ads that interest you to see it.

I am always in the market for better Illustrated Ad Covers, Catalogs and Ad Inserts as depicted on these pages. If you have any such items for sale, please contact me via email through the link on my main Home Page.

Worcester Mower
Two-Horse Five-Foot Chain-Gear Worcester Mower
Circa 1897

The Links below identify a number of categories of Worcester Illustrated Ads. Click on the highlighted text to take you to the corresponding page where those types of Illustrated Ads are displayed.

Billboard Ads

Household Items

Clothing And Footwear





Farm Products

Sports And Hobbies

Horses And Such


Spinning And Carding


Miscellaneous Items

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