Antony Loach's contributions to the Bangalore Walla Home Page

A collection of photographs of Bangalore during 1945 - 1946.

Antony Loach was an Office Cadet in the British Army while at Bangalore during 1945- 1946, and did his training at the Baird Barracks (Raj Bhavan/Cubbon Road). On leaving Bangalore he joined the 1st Battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry, which apparently was the last to leave India. Antony's contribution is really a dream to Bangaloreans who can still remember Bangalore in the 'good old days', and some of the buildings are still standing like the BRV, Opera Theatre, Orient Building, Russel Beef Market. Antony could be right when he refers to the licence plate number in one of the photographs as '1000' and feels that there were only 1000 cars in Bangalore, I feel that this could have been in the Mysore State (now Karnataka) not just Bangalore. You may send your appreciation and thanks to Antony for his contribution of photographs below, and we look forward to others sharing their old photographs and memories of Bangalore for others to enjoy.



Antony Loach in his Army outfit in 1946.

A view of Baird Barracks , now you can just see part of this building in the background over the wall along side Cubbon Road, this has been turned into an Army School and a Recruitment Centre.

A view of Brigade Road, when you are coming down from South Parade (now MG Road) on the left hand side. The left hand side building is still standing, and housed the Ashok Electricals, the Post Office, now it is the LEE and Luis Phillips showroom, The Post Office has been given eviction notice!! The building still supports the British Coat of Arms found on Government buildings. This has been covered in my Brigiade Road Photographs. The building on the right has been modified and part brought down, and houses a wine store. The building above that is called the Edward Building and was built in 1935. It used to be neglicted and was a shop for garments, now it houses an Internet access office. The building still further up is called Albert Building, and is trying to survive between owners. All these are available in colour in todays scene so you can compare the traffic and the road itself.

This is the BRV Talkies in it's heyday, showing the monograme of the regiment. Most of the buildign has not changed in structure, but a wall has been added in front that obscures the view, and the local additions of decor has also changed the side to display a large hoading of some advertisment or the other. For sometime this was used as a theatre, but later it was converted into a shopping / office establishment for the Military personnel, but apparently that did not work out too well. Being a busy main road parking could be one of the factors.

This is one of the 'Victoria's' that one used to talk about. Until the 1960's these used to ply on the roads, and some of the stables were maintained on Richmond Road and Brigade Road. With the increase of motorised traffic and difficult to look after the horses and carriage body work, they have vanished, perhaps they come out for a Marvadi wedding or for a shooting of a movie. I do recall that when we were young, our family used to go to Lalbaugh in these carriages. There were no taxis or autorikshaws that one finds today.

New Opera is still looking like the above photograph, except that it is not being used, and encroached by small shops that sell clothes and computer software and hardware, and even have Internet browsing facilities in the back nooks and corners. Today's look is also available on my photograph page. The ladder at the lest side of the building leads to the projector room, and the larger staircase leads to the balcony. I may have been inside this place about 30 years ago.

This strong stone building is now only known as the Oriental Building and is at the intersection of MG Road (South Parade) and St. Marks Road. There apparently was a large circle at this juncture as can be seen in the photograph. The road you are looking at is St. Marks Road, and the 'Blighty Tea Room' is on the right side of this and one would also find St. Mark's Cathedral also behind. This building is never cleaned except by the rains, and so the picture above and what one sees today has a remarkable difference. I still have to take a picture of this building today. I do have a picture of the large and beautiful flower pot that is now resting at the side of the Bible Society Building, and could have been the centre piece of this circle.

The Beef and Poultry Market which is located at the cross roads of the Square and Brodway. The licence plate shows BNG565 which Antony suggests that there were under 1000 cars in Bangalore in 1946. On the right side of the photograph, one sees a 'tonga' or what we call 'jatka' or pony drawn cart for carrying people as well as goods. Some of these are still being used today for it's convience and affordability. It is a poor man's conveyance when he has lots of luggage or buys goods that cannot fit into an autorikshaw.

The above picture was left out when I first posted this page, sorry about it. The imposing building is the Mayo Hall, which holds the Courts and was apparently also one of the main Police Station jails. I am not sure why Antony named the picture 'police' , will update once he enlightens me. Details of the Mayo Hall and todays photos are available at Places. I do not beleive that the staircase shown in the picture still exists, and the view is supposedly that from Residency Road, only after taking a print out will I be able to compare because the building is so symmetrical.

I once more give thanks to Antony Loach for his photographs that he has shared with me and allowed me to share with you. If you have not visited the Main Page on Bangalore, please do so by clicking on the Towns and Houses sigh below. All the best in 1999 to all you visitors. This page is up on January 12, 1999. If there are any visitors who were also in the Army and in Bangalore during those years 1945-1946, and know Antony or his regiment, please do get in touch with him, he surely will be happy with old memories.

Some more pictures from Antony which I had lost somewhere and put today 3 sept 99:

Below is an Inspection at Baird Barracks in 1946, prior to the partition. many a friend became many a foe after this. Dhobies at work near Baird barracks, would be the colony near Commercial street or maybe the one by the Agram Cemetery. A common sight those days was the cart, and a poor mans herse looked like this.

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