Baldwin Boy's High School

Hosur Road, Bangalore 560 025
(Referred to earlier as the Episcopal Methodist School)

Baldwin Boys' High School was established in 1880, by a grant of money from the Hon'ble John Baldwin, from the U.S.A., and was founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church. (The School in 1883 was also known as the Episcopal Methodist School, took in boys as well as girls, also boarders. Boarders were all treated as First Class, and lived with the Principal Rev. Ira A. Richards, B.A., and they ate at the same table. School hours were : in the cold weather, from 10 A.M. to 3.30 P.M.; and in the hot weather from 7 A.M. to 12 A.M. Christmas holidays were fixed fro 10th December to 10th January.). The School in the late 1920's was managed through a Board of Governors, of which the Resident Bishop of the Bangalore Area, the then Bishop B.T. Badley, D.D. was Chairman. The institution received a Government Grant-in-Aid and is annually inspected and reported on by the Government Inspector of Schools. It prepared the pupils for the Government and Cambridge Local Examinations under a qualified staff. The School is located in a splendid section of Bangalore and has ample accommodation in its spacious and well equipped buildings and playgrounds.

In the boarding department every effort was made to surround the boys with a wholesome, homelike influence. The management of the dormitory was under the direct supervision of the Principal and his wife, assisted by two capable matrons. Careful attention was given to the food with the object of providing a well balanced diet. The good climate of Bangalore was augmented by the large airy sleeping quarters and severe illnesses amoung the boarders was very rare. In time of sickness, the boys received the best of care and attention. Every effort was made to cure those who were sick and safeguarded the health of others.

This School even in the 1920's recognised that the chief feature in a boy's education was the development of a true manly character, and they were careful that only boys of the purest morals were admitted into the School. In full recognition of the fact that moral and religious culture were paramount, the boys were given prominence to the Bible, and the School sought to inculcate in students the highest ideals of Christian life and character. All boarders attended morning and evening prayers daily, and Sunday Divine Service, morning and evening, as well as Sunday School; also a Young peoples' meeting was held once during the week.

The School also sought to foster the physical development of boys. To this end gymnastics, cricket, football, hockey and tenis wer supprted. Later Boxing was also added. A Sports Day was held anually to encourage athletics. A Unit of the Auxiliary Force, India , was maintained in the School, in which the older boys enrolled. A Troop of Boy Scouts also existed, also a Cub Pack fr the younger boys.

The Course of studies in the 1920's were Languages like Latin, Urdu, English and French by special arrangement. Subjects like Mathematics, Sciences Arts Drawing - Freehand, Model and Memory. The progress of pupils was tested by weekly and quarterly examinations. A report showing the results of these examinations togetjher with a statement as to the conduct, applications, and progress of the pupils was forwarded to the parents or guardians at the end of every month and quarter. It was said that the Inspector of Schools in 1928 was very impressed with the Discipline and dress, the conducting of games, sports and cadet training. A good remark was also made regarding the Boy Scouts. A remark about the Boarding House section was given which indicated that the School made a personal touch and interest in the health and comfort of the boys. The School had a "House System" and separate parts of the domitories were for each House. The Inspector was also impressed with the class instruction in singing and the rudiments of music given by the Music Teacher Mrs. Weston, and remarked that it was the only experiment of it's kind in Bangalore.


The above list contains the names of those who have given at least Rs. 100 to the Endowment Fund or collected a similar sum for them, or given service to this extent, friends know of any omission, we shall be glad to receive their names.

* "Those who had earned many stars in their crowns."

+ Late Inspector of Schools, Bangalore, who secured the Government Grant of Rs. 20,000 .

List of Principals and Headmasters of Baldwin Boys' High School, Bangalore till 1948, fifty years ago!

The Devoted Staff in 1947, fifty years ago!

(Extracts from the Baldwin Boys' High School, Retrospect & Prospect 1947, by C.N. Weston, MBE, MA, MRST, Associate Principal in 1947)

A couple of years ago I had been with Dr. Ashley Williams s/o Late Mr. J.T. Williams (Music Master of Baldwins) to visit and photograph some of the last sites of the 'Old Baldwin' buildings as part of my collection of old Bangalore buildings. You will find the collection below. Thanks to Ashley, who now has a 'Doctorate in Music', and is planning to start his own Music School. Ronnie.

Messages from some Old Boys:

From:"lokesh reddy"   To: Subject: oba Date:Sun, 14 Mar 1999 17:41:07 +0530

Sir, It is just great for a baldwinian to know that BBHS IS ON THE NET. FOR YOUR REFERENCE I would like to state that I was a student of BBHS from 1975 to 1983. On the 11th of this month we had a small meeting of the OBA where Rev Soans told me that our school is on the net. I would like you just pass on the message to the old baldwinians who you know that ‘Though the times have changed the culture of the Baldwin family is as good as it was and will remain the same forever’ because our school motto FEAR OF THE LORD IS THE BEGINING OF WISDOM and this motto when used whole heartedly will take every one to places. Will keep in touch.
From Lokesh Reddy (OBA)

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