A Testimony of Mrs. Gemma Carvalho ...

"Faith Can Move Mountains"

In January 1983 my good friend and landlady requested us to look for a house as she needed the same for her family. At that moment I didn't think of it seriously, but when I came home I thought to myself "Where do I go from here? The rents are so high and the deposits are beyond us. Our resources were almost nil with a paltry sum of Rs. 300/-". Each day I thought about it the situation looked worse; then I turned to Jesus, knelt down and said "Lord, you know everything about us and You know that we have been asked to look for a place. Show me the Way. I don't want my good friend to have any fears about us not moving out or of not doing anything about it. You know the only snag is Money and I don't want to have any unpleasantness."

We started asking friends to look around. We contacted brokers and went around seeing many houses. Rents were high and we couldn't afford the big deposits as my husband was due to retire. Thinking of the P.F. due to my husband, we thought of looking for Houses on Sale. We saw quite a few, but it involved Black/White (unaccounted money and legally tax paid up) money. Where could we get anything like it?

Each day I prayed, I felt as if the Lord said "Have Faith in Me and Trust Me" I just told the Lord that I'll do my part of going and meeting people and seeing houses and plots but You pick what You have in mind for us. Since we couldn't get a house for a reasonable price, we were shown plots and then we thought - Fine, let it be a plot at least.

Beginning of April we were shown a plot in Viveknagar (Eastern part of Bangalore, close to the Airport) and as I stood there, for a fleeting moment, I imagined or thought I saw a house standing there. I told the broker that I'd like to meet this party who also happened to be a kind lady and I found myself telling her that I had no money but I feel Jesus will give it to me. I agreed to her price of One and half lakh of Rupees and also agreed to paying down Rs. 15,000/- on the 20th April as afvance payment. I added that if I do not get the Rs.15,000/- by 20th April she could get another buyer but I know Jesus will not let me down.

I came home and I was trying to figure out how I could raise this money. Believe me, I felt nervous thinking about it - I quickly got down on my knees and asked Jesus to come to my aid and this time He said "I am with you always. Have not I put people in this world to help one another. So ask in My name you will receive it." It took me a week to make sure Jesus meant it. Each day I prayed and asked the Lord "Could I go on?" And it was the same answer "Have not I put people in the world to help one another, go ahead and ask" I even said Lord I won't be asking in hundreds I'll be asking in thousands and there again (what patience Jesus had with me) He so sweetly said "I know everything, I am with you at all times." Once again to make sure I was on the right track I said "Lord, only if You are going to give me this One and Half lakhs help me get this Rs.15,000/- You know that this is our hard earned money". I ended by saying "I firmly believe that You will not let us down".

I started by mentioning my plans to my few close friends and they at once said that they would help in whatever way they could. Their eagerness to help made me believe that Jesus had started His work. "Jesus knows what is best for us. If it is not meant for us I had told Him to put some obstacle in the way and not give it to us. That may be His will. At least He is not making us lose our money. Tomorrow we'll tell the lady that she could give it to another buyer."

The morning of 20th arrived (happened to by my birthday) we went to morning Mass and returned home. While having breakfast someone knocked. When I opened the door a servant handed me an envelope and there was a cheque for another Rs.5000/- with a note from my friend "I don't know if you managed to get the full amount so here is another Rs.5000/-. May your plans come true." It was too hard to believe. All I could say was "Lord, You're really going to give us this One and half lakh and You want us to have the plot? Thank You Jesus."

Jesus does have His own precise time of doing things isn't it?

We managed to go through the "Agreement to Sell" on 21st April. From then on there was no looking back. I took Jesus at His word and started writing letters to relations and friends and we were really so pleased to see how willingly each one stood by us at our time of need - just as Jesus promised. must state here that there was temptation to register for a lesser amount so as to save a few thousands but when I happily told the Lord about our plan I felt that He did not seem happy about it. Pat came His word: I am the Giver - so Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to the Lord the things that are His". I know then that it was the evil one who put those wrong thoughts in our heads.

So friends in this manner we got the full amount from our relations and friends - thanks to the Good Jesus who touched the hearts of so many to help us. Believe me, no one asked for a receipt (though on my own I sent one to each of them) and no one asked for any interest. That was Jesus' special gift to us.

Regarding the construction of the house, we had left the whole situation in His hands. I knew that He would guide us. He does not leave His work half-done. All I ask you dear brothers and sisters who read this to keep us in your prayers because we firmly believe and know that whatever we ask JESUS in prayer will be granted.

When my husband retired in December 1983, he received his Provident Fund and we repaid everyone's money. 30th January 1984 we got the Plot blessed and 20th February we started construction.

Once again in the same manner I turned to relations and friends for help - this time I must say that through God's Grace they helped us in a big way. Ofcourse we faced many trials and fears while constructing but Jesus finally saw that we have a comfortable roof over our heads.

5th June 1985 we moved into our very own home which we have named "God's Gift".

So true - Jesus never leaves His work half done. He Never, Never, Fails. All we have to do is Ask and leave the situation in His hands, for anything that is asked in Prayer Jesus answers.

May His Name Be Praised Adored Loved and Glorified Throughout the World.

(Mrs) Gemma Carvalho

( This Testimony is very True in every word, I should know better, my late Mother Anne was Gemma's Landlady! Ron.)

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