English Poetry, Criticism

A unique book on the poetry of G.M. HOPKINS
"Understanding Hopkins: The New Spring Poetry"

by Rev. Dr. A. Devasahayam s.j.,

St. Joseph's College, Fathers' Residence,

Bangalroe 560 025, India PP. 387; $25, Rs. 150(in India).

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This book covers every major aspect of G.M. Hopkins' full body of poetry, theological themes, poetic structure and aesthetic theory. The lucid handling of the basic elements of Hopkins poetics, diction, images, sprung-rhythm, inscape and instress, is impressive. Much close analysis of individual poems is offered.

"The special merit of this book is its consistent clarity in handling such knotty problems as Hopkins' personal Angst in the 'Terrible Sonnets', his tension as a modern artist, his quest for a vivid poetic style enabling him to express a grace-charged universe, his power as a mature poet who treats nature minutely yet transcendantally." Richard Clancey, John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

"Understanding Hopkins offers a genuine probe into the 'inner profile' of the poet. Dr. Devasahayam brings to his task a formidable barrage of philosophical and theological material together with his own personalized exposition of Scotism. This book has undoubted insights". Alfred Thomas in MONTH, London, U.K.

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