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On the Highways to Heights in Education

A History of Jyothi Nivas College
Hosur Road, Bangalore 560 034

A quarter of a century may seem like still a long way to go in the history of time, but 25 years in the life of an institution is no short run. Looking back on two and a half decades of Jyothi Nivas's existence, the track record has been marked by constantly renewed objectives, failing in line with the goal of the nation and of modern society. With zealous endeavour the college has worked to provide an educational experience to help turn out responsible human beings who,could become instruments in building a better India,

The beginnings ori the highways of collegiate education were made in July 1966, when the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes opened a Christian College for Women in the cantonment. Christening it Joythi Nivas or the "Abode of Light", the institution with 47 students and 8 staff members began its infancy with Bangalore University created in the same year. The Educational Society of Tarbes had-projected Jyothi Nivas for the eastern range of Bangalore where there was a great need for such a college. So this plot of 10 acres of land on Hosur Road was purchased earlier in 1964 with all hopes to shift in as fast as time and circumstances would permit. It turned out that the pangs of birth and crucial years of growth were experienced on the premises of St. Francis Xavier's Girls High School in Fraser Town.

The trying early years could now be recollected with nostalgia. It was indeed a stniggle to provide opportunities for our students to achieve excellence in every field. Nonetheless no effort was spared to lay the firm foundations of a college which.believes in combining the right amount of curriculum with co-curricular and extra-curricular dimensions. Even in its first year the college had a students union and bore all the trimmings of an institution well on its way to achieve educational heights. The infectious dynamism of our founding Principal, Sr. Yvonne Marie prodded the students and staff to the highest in academics. The first batch of graduates passed out in 1970, having made the most of the modest facilities available.

1972 seems a landmark in more ways than one. With a staff numbering 29 and a student community of 648 that year, JNC spread its wings. Moral Philosophy classes, so integral a part of life in Jyothi Nivas ever since, began functioning with all vigour. Seminars for bettering intellectual and professional qualities of the staff, became a regular academic feature. The first NCC unit with 67 and an NSS unit with 12 students were new additions to the list of very active associations. An encouraging sign for the college was the commencement of construction work on the present buildings. Two pillars of strength during this period were Principal Sr. Marguerite and Acting Principal the late Mrs. Grace Tucker. With her penchant for details, Sr. Marguerite set in motion a series of what were to become typical Jyoti Nivas practices. Officiating from time to time, Mrs. Tucker kept the administrative machinery weil-oiled.

It was a good four years from '72 before the dream of JNC's very own building could be realised. Like the Israelites who waited for 40 years for their promised land, we too waited 10 years since 1966 for this campus, where barren land was transformed into an abode of learning. For this reason the year 1976 will remain deeply etched in the annals of the college. The Principal, Sr. Francesca, cheerfully shouldered the responsibility,of shifting a collegiate machinery. By simply telling her charges that the new campus was just a straight way down Brigade Road, she paved the path for an easier acceptanceof the distance from the old place. The 925 students who followed her, did so with faith, and the parents reposed remarkable confidence in the Management.

Taking on the untrodden paths on a war footing, the land was bull-dozed with the assistance of the army. The only building in sight was the Arts Block, with visions of a Science block, an auditorium, an administrative block, a library and a lounge. The elevated span of land near the office served as a natural stage. 75 saplings were planted and the garden began to grow. Rome was not built in a day, neither was the college canteen. In fact it was built everyday, for it was only a Shamiana which was blown to the ground on windy rainy nights, to rise with the sunshine next morning.

The warmth to the new area was added by the JNC Hostel, nurtured so lovingly by Sr. Eunice Halge popularly known as Mother Mary. What began as a hostel housed in the Thambu Chetty bungalow on Promenade Road with 25 girls, was now a JNC home away from home, for 125 girls. The first prayer service was conducted around the big oven in the kitchen. And the battle with the mosquitoes of Koramangala had just begun. On the whole we felt like the pilgrim fathers settling down in West Virginia somewhere in 1588.

The problem of finance did loom large over us during the remaining years of the '70 decade. Nevertheless, the vision and efficiency of Principal Sr. argaret Mary, never let the pioneering spirit flag even once. In 1977, Sr. Marguerite returned from the United States mind Europe after a fund-raising stint which included standing outside churches after Sunday mass, erdreating churchgoers to contribute for a well-meaning college far away in Bangalore, India. Our motto during those hard times was, "To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield." Charfty shows, Film Premiers and Fetes became fund-raising devices.

Side by side, authentic 'academic pursuits continued. Training in leadership for students, Debates and Symposia, Exhibitions and literary activities were regular exercises. The sports field came into focus with Basket ball dominating, and Hockey,

Athletics, and Table Tennis following closely. Individual champions shone on the state and national arenas.

Service through the India Youth Brigade and NSS, involvement in the nation's enterprise through our Independence Day Tableau, Campus festivals, became the hallmarks of JNC. Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa after presiding at a college Independence Day function in August 1979, wrote: "] was most impressed with the orderly and disciplined manner in which 1,200 staff and students remained throughout the function. 1 seldom see such a disciplined audience of students anywhere."

With a spiritual fervour of a Christian institution, and Christ's ideals of integrity, justice and love, JNC took the road to the '80s. In the year 1980 a staff of 49 teachers and 1,411 students came under the leadership of the present Principal, Sr. Jovita. Heading a dedicated band of students and teachers, she has marched through thick and thin, her driving motto, being "keep up with the times." It was in this year too that Jyoti Nivas was identified by the UGC for the implementation of the College Humanities and Social Science Improvement Programme, which saw prestigious projects undertaken in every department, aimed at innovative improvement in areas of teaching and learning. For the 3-year term of this programme, the college witnessed successful ventures leading to the establishment of audio-visual libraries and linking teaching with social concern. ,

From the academic year 1983-84, the college pursued an Admission policy emphasising on social obligation. The motto became: "Preferential Options for the Poor". Curricular and extra-curricular programmes were particularly geared to their needs.

In August, 1985, the long-standing need for a professional Counselling Centre was realised and has since then been a boon to the youth of the college. The International Youth Year saw an ambitious Multi-media presentation on the theme "Youth for Progress". It was much appreciated by the parents and the public.

As the 80s progressed towards their e nd, Jyoti Nivas grew in stature with a personality distinctively its own. The college has come to impart a liberal education which acquaints students with the various intellectual strategies. With the Arts, Science and Commerce faculties functioning within a framework supported by an excellent teaching team,-there are new responsibilities for the 90s. Extension courses namely, Computer Technology and Personnel Management, more facilities in the latest block of buildings, a supportive Parent-Teacher Council, impel us to more and more.

This Silver Jubilee year has a number of programmes on the agenda. Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are being scheduled on a state and national level. Sports plans aim at bringing in competitors from all over the state. For the first time and Old Students Association has taken shape with all hopes of cementing everlasting ties with past students of JNC. The Silver Jubilee Conference Hall is a major project. 110 Teaching and non-teaching staff and 2,000 students this academic year will strive to make this Silver Jubilee a memorable one. One could not ask God for more but thank him for what we are today.

As we stand at this junction of July 1990, the milestone reads: 'Many more miles to go". We have promises to keep on this anniversary and shall have to redeem our pledge when we pause for a while at the next milestone in the 21st century. Until then our maxims will be Live, Love and Learn while we keep our Tryst with Time.

Extracts from an article in the Silver Jubilee Souvenir, by Dr. Rajini Pani, 11 July, 1990

The College Emblem

The college emblem was designed by Sr. Patricia Adams who taught English Literature in Jyoti Niva's from 1971 to 1973.

“The lamp and the light here symbolise Christ, the Truth and Love of God. The flame is meant to shed light and warmth. Truth and Love unite the different sections of the college community represented by their respective symbols.”

Principals through the Years

  • Sr. Yvonne Marie - 1966 -1968
  • Sr. Marguerite - 1970 - 1974
  • Sr. Francesca - 1974 - 1977
  • Sr. Margaret Mary - 1977 -1981
  • Sr. Jovita - 1981 Onwards

  • College Anthem

      Ring the bells of Jyoti Nivas,
      Flame of Wisdom bright.
      Proudly we unfurl the banner
      Of this Abode of Light.

      Hearken all ye Jyotinivites
      To the clarion call
      Duty, Truth and Loving, Kindness
      Show to one and all.

      Thousands proudly through her portals
      Passed with fame and pride
      Long their light shall linger o'er us
      And with us abide.

      If at times shadows darken,
      O'er Lifes stormy sea,
      May the light of Jyoti Nivas
      With you ever be.

      Hail once more, Immortal College
      Site of Wisdom's lore
      Through long years of selfless service
      Reign forever more.

    (Lyrics by late Mr. Hartwell Yates,
    Music Composed by late Mr. J. T. William Joseph)

  • Jyothi Nivas College "College Day '98"
  • Jyothi Nivas College "Graduation Day '98"

  • Jyothi Nivas College Prospectus

    Pre-University Course (Two Years)

    Part I : English and one of the following languages: Kannada. Hindi, Tamil, French.

    Part II :

    • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology.
    • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics.
    • Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Psychology.
    • History, Economics, Sociology, Psychology.
    • History, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy.
    • Statistics, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy.

    Qualification for Admission to Two Year Pre-University Courses

    Admission to the Karnataka two year Pre-University Course shall be open to the candidates who have passed:

    a. The Karnataka Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination.


    Any other examination recognised by the Board as equivalent of Karnataka S.S.L.C.

    b. A minimum of 40% of the marks on the aggregate in the qualifying Examination.

    Three Year Degree Course

    Part I: Language: English and one of the following: Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, French.

    Part II: Optionals : B.A.

    • History, Economics, Sociology.
    • History, English, Sociology.
    • Psychology, Economics, Sociology.
    • Psychology, English, Sociology.
    • Industrial Relations, Economics, Sociology.


    • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.
    • Physics, Mathematics, Electronics.
    • Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science.
    • Chemistry, Botany, Zoology.
    • Statistics, Economics, Mathematics.

    B.Com.: Commercial Subjects.

    New Courses

    In July 1994, the University Grants Commission in a revolutionary move to make education more relevant to productivity and economic development introduced a vocational subject along with the regular academic subjects at the undergraduate level. Jyoti Nivas College was one of the few colleges in India selected for this experiment which incorporates academics with hands-on experience in the actual world of work.

    Vocational Courses (Three Years)


    • Communicative English, Optional English, Psychology
    • Travel & Tourism, History, Economics


    • Instrumentation, Physics, Mathematics


    Language - Hindi or Kannada only

    Qualification for Admission to Three Year Degree Course

    1 . A pass in P.U.C. or any other examination recognised as equivalent by Bangalore University.

    2. A minimum of 40% of marks (aggregate) in the qualifying examination.

    Application for admission to the college must be In the prescribed form.

    M.A. English Literature (Two Years)

    Qualification for Admission to the Two Year Master's Degree Programme

    • A Bachelor's Degree In any subject from a recognised Indian University
    • A minimum of 50% in Optional English all the three years put together or a minimum of 55% in general English for two years.
    • A minimum of 40% as aggregate for all other subjects.

    Certificates to be produced at the time of admission

    1. Marks Card (original + 2 copies)
    2. Transfer Certificate (original + 2 copies)
    3. Character Certificate (original + 2 copies)
    4. Income declaration form signed by the Tahsildar for students whose parents' annual income Is below Rs. 11,000/- (original + 3 copies)
    5. SC/ST/BT Certificate (original + 3 copies)
    6. Migration certificate for students from other universities. No foreign students will be admitted without the eligibility certificate obtained from the Registrar, Bangalore University.

    Computer Courses conducted by the College

    Computer short term courses will be conducted at the college premises.

    Courses Offered & (Duration)

    • Diploma In Computer Applications (24 Weeks)
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Computer Systems & Information Technology (One Year)
    • Basic Programming & Graphics 8 Weeks
    • Pascal & Data Structures (12 Weeks)
    • COBOL & Business Data Processing (10 Weeks)
    • FORTRAN & Numerical Methods (10 Weeks)
    • C/C++ & Object Oriented Prog. (12 Weeks)
    • LOTUS 1-2~3 & Accounting Application (12 Weeks)
    • DBase III + /FOXPRO (12 Weeks)
    • MS - Windows (8 Weeks)
    • Oracle (12 Weeks)
    • Visual Basic (12 Weeks)
    • Power Builder (16 Weeks)
    • Desk Top Publishing (10 Weeks) (Pagemaker/Ventura)
    • MS - Office (20 Weeks)
    • Wordstar/Word/Word Perfect (8 Weeks)

    Campus life offers a wide range of extra-curricular association activities intended to complement and enhance the students' academic experience which include:

    1 . Music, quiz, public speaking, elocution, dramatics, journalism, craft.

    2. National Cadet Corps (NCC), National Service Scheme (NSS), Bangalore Catholic Students' Association, Adventure Club .

    3 . Sports: Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Baseball, Throwball, Hockey, Badminton, Tennikoit, Softball and Football.

    4. Associations of the various academic disciplines

    Student Service Includes

    Student Financial Aid Includes

    A student must put In a minimum of 75% attendance during the academic year to be eligible to appear for the Pre-University Board and University examinations.

    Please note that fees once paid will not be refunded.

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