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Dear Reader,

The Mangalorean Catholic community is celebrating this year the bicentennial of a milestone in their history - the liberation of their ancestors from a l5-year period of captivity at Seringapatam. The event is of utmost importance because our community, such as it is today, descends almost entirely from the small group of persons who survived the captivity and returned to Mangalore (about 15,000 as compared to the 60,000 taken captive). Despite the persecution, our forefathers kept their faith alive. When they were eventually released, the few that survived found their ancestral lands usurped and having to make an entirely new beginning. But their diligence and determination saw the community grow from strength to strength with each passing decade, and today its members have distinguished themselves in all walks of life, and spread all over the world.

We intend to culminate this bicentennial year with a major International Convention and we hope that illustrious sons of Mangalore, from all over the globe, will join us in making this convention a truly grand and memorable one. We, therefore, appeal to you to make a donation towards this worthy cause. Your donations, however small, will collectively add up to a substantial amount and will go a long way in making the convention a success.

An account has been opened at St Aloysius College with 80G facility (exemption from income tax for the donated amount). Please make your cheques / DD payable to - "Account No 12 - MJES, Central Bank,Aloysius College Counter, Mangalore".

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance. We will lookforward to hearing from you - and even more to seeing you during the international convention at the end of December. Together, let us bring in the third millennium.

Rev. Fr Bernard D'Souza, President, Catholic Association of South Kanara

Rev. Fr Ralph da Costa S. J., Rector, St Aloysius College

Rev. Fr Prashant V. Madtha S. J., Principal Chairman - Finance Committee

Why the Bicentennial celebration?

Events to come:

Time is running out and the days are rapidly approaching, and we find ourselves handicapped in proceeding with the preparations till we have some guarantee of money in the box. As we cannot permit a deficit budget we will have to tailor the celebrations to the finances available.

You will agree that this is a worthwhile cause, so plan your holidays to he with us on these days. Hospitality and Travel Arrangements will be handled, at your request, by Mr. Walter D'Souza of the International Convention Committee.

For one and all, young and old, from India and abroad, this is a wonderful occasion to feel that you are one of a distinguished history making community. We hope to see you at these celebration, to hear from you before that, and keep in touch all along.

Fr Bernard D'Souza, President

Fr Ralph da Costa SJ. Co-ordinator

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