Music Ministries in the Church

Many Groups come to India and Bangalore sharing the Word of God in Song. Amongst them, one of the most favorite Group of Missionaries with a Song are the Celebrant.

The Celebrant Singers from California U.S.A. were founded by Jon Stemkoski, share the Gospel through their spirit filled music and testamonies. They are a multidenominational missionary team, who travel around the world and preach the Word. They have been through Europe, lets hope Australia invites them to perform there. Some of the performances at Bangalore, February 15th Tuesday, 1994 at Holy Ghost Church, 16th Wednsday at St. Mary's Basilica, 17th Thursday at St. Patrick's Church Grounds, 18th Friday at Dharmaram College (St. Thomas Hall), 19th Saturday at Resurrection Church, 20th Sunday at St. John's Church. February 20th Tuesday 1996 at St. Patrick's Community Hall, 21st Wednsday at Cathedral High School Grounds, 22nd Thursday at St. Thomas Parish Hall, 23rd Friday Jal-Vayu Vihar Hall (Kamanahalli, Armed Forces Residence), 24th Saturday Ascension Church, 25th Sunday Morning specially for Bangalore Youth at St. Patrick's Hall, Evening at St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral Grounds.

Their Music Albums:

Give Him Praise ! (We have come into His house, Worthy Worthy Worthy is the Lamb, Thou art Worthy, Therefore the redeemed, Thy loving kindness, Be Exalted O God, The Celebration Song, This is the Day, From the rising of the sun. Beloved let us love one another, Chosen generation, The Greatest thing, Open out eyes, Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place, His nname, Praise the name of Jesus, Bless His holy name, His name is wonderful, Jesus name above all names, Praise the name of Jesus). [C-7207]

Give Him Praise II ( I love You Lord, Worthy is the Lamb, Lifft up your heads, Sacriffice of Praise, ather of lights, Praise of Israel, Lift up your voices, Then shall the virgin rejoice, Trees of the field, We must wait on the Lord, In His time. Glorious in majesty, I will call upon the Lord, This is the time to rejoice, Emmanuel, Jesus, The sweetest name of all, His name is Jesus, Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of Hosts, Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of Hosts). [C-7245]

Give Him Praise III (Give Him Praise, In His presence, Into Thy presence, Lord Host is the Lord, He's as close as the mention of His name, Without Faith its impossible to please Him, Majesty, All Hail King Jesus, To Thee we ascribe Glory, Majesty). Jesus sweet Jesus, Joy song (Dancing in the spirit), Do not fear, He is our Peace, No one ever cared for me like Jesus, Wonderful Peace, Do not fear, Shine through me, Praises to His name, How Majestic is Your name, A Prayer to Praise (Annoint my lips to sing Your Praise). He is Jehovah, Gloryfy Thy name). [VC-8301, Vision]

We Praise Thy Name (Celebrant, The Body of the Lord, Father Forgive them, Trust in the Lord,Lord take control of me, He is the treasure. The body of the lord, Still small voice, That the world may know, Tell my people, Holy God we Praise Thy name). [C-7174]

Still Standing (The time is now, I want to come into your presence, I Worship You, My one desire, Be still, God leads us along, Forever in His care, My Soul magnifies the Lord, Worthy You are worthy, Praise Him. Still Standing, The Lord is Holy, He is Exalted, He giveth more grace, Stronger, The Lord is Good, The steadfast love of the Lord, Great is Thy Faithfulness, Song for the Nations). [VC-8802, Vision]

He Will Be Strong (The Father hath provided, Lift up the name of the Lord, The Love of God, Think about His Love, O how He loves you and me, Never forsake you, It is well with my soul, Be still my soul, Give thanks. He will be strong, Soli Deo Gloria, He'll find a way, Soldier, A quiet place, You are the King of Glory, I come by Faith, You alone are Holy). [VC-9103, Vision]

I Will Rejoice in the Lord! (Sing the Glory, To God Be The Glory, How Great His Heart must be, Day by Day, Gratefully yours, A mighty Fortress is our God. I will rejoice inn the Lord, He who began a good work, He's beenn faithful, Only Son, Saviour, Fairest Lord Jesus, I surrender all, Now unto Him). [VC-9304, Vision]

His Love is Holding You (All Creation sings His Praise, How great is Your goodness, The solid rock - In Christ alone, What a friennd we have in Jesus, His grace is greater, Here I am Lord. His Love is holding you, Nno weapon formed against you, I'll give you peace, Here's One, Be Strong and take Courage, Constant refuge). [VC-9505, Vision]

Other Groups that share the Word of God through their Music

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The Continentals

Welcome to the website of: YOUNG/CLASSIC/FRONTLINE & ENCORE C O N T I N E N T A L S. Office address: Continentals Europe,... - size 33K - 26 Sep 96

Announcements. Celebrant Singers. John Stemkoski's Celebrant Singers, an internationally known Christian music ministry, will present : front17-4-5-x1.html - size 3K - 17 Jun 96 1/calendar.html - size 104K - 17 Jun 96

Caesar, Shirley PO Box 3336 Durham, NC 27702 919/683-1161 Cain, Rev. Paul PO Box 399 Moravian Falls, NC 28654 Campbell, Glen New Haven Records PO Box... - size 4K - 24 Sep 96

Meet The Band Meet The Band. John Grafton - Electric Guitar D.O.B.: November 7, 1967 Residence: Battle Creek, MI High School: Harper Creek High School class of 1986... - size 2K - 25 Apr 96

SKYLIGHT MUSIC INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC. SkyLight delivers a 24-hour hosted music service with an Inspirational format. Music with a message . . . packaged in a careful blend. - size 8K - 16 Jun 96

Objectives : The ministry of The Continentals was formed in 1967 as a non-profit, interdenominational ministry designed to: 1. Encourage and facilitate personal and spiritual growth in the life of each Continental. 2. Clearly present the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a high quality musical program and equip each Continental for sharing Christ one to one. 3. Encourage those believers who see our program and challenge them to a deeper and more meaningful commitment to Christ. 4. Reaching the world for Jesus Christ through music. Who We Are The CONTINENTALS were formed in 1967 as a non-profit, inter-denominational ministry.Powerful music and the message of Jesus Christ are the foundation of CONTINENTAL MINISTRIES. From the great cathedrals of Europe to the smallest believers gatherings in Thailand, we reach out to the hearts of people . . . seeking to meet their needs spiritually, emotionally and physically. The purpose of our ministry is to build each tour member personally and spiritually, to develop a missionary heart, taking every opportunity to proclaim the gospel of Christ throughout our musical programs as well as one-on-one, and to encourage all believers along the way to a deeper and more meaningful commitment to Christ. What We Believe Statement of Belief - No Apologies: We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and the final authority for Christian faith and living. God, the creator of all things, exists eternally in three persns: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is God's eternal son, truly God and truly man. He came to earth, lived a sinless life and was crucified as the only sacrifice for our sins, arose bodily from the dead and returned to heaven. Men and women were created in God's image, tempted by Satan and rebelled against God. Through repentance and personal faith in Jesus Christ our sins are forgiven, we are reborn by the Holy Spirit and we become children of God. The church is the living body of Christ on earth; He is the head. Jesus Christ will return to earth to raise the dead, judge the world and establish His glorious kingdom. Statement of non-discrimination: Acceptance and participation are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin or sex.

History: Beginning with one tour in 1967 by President and Founder Cam Floria, The CONTINENTALS have grown into CONTINENTAL WORLDWIDE MINISTRIES including over 15,000 people and a phenomenal 1,500 concerts a year. We have performed in all 50 states and 76 countries. As we do here in the Evangelical Free Church in Salt Lake City, Utah, under the direction of Greg Gibson. We have now established international groups in many different areas of the world including: South Africa, Brazil, Chile, France, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Scandinavia, and Singapore. These young people are being nurtured in their own countries to proclaim Christ in their own languages. Continental Themes Sing a happy song(63) - Sing a song along(64) - Life is a symphony(65) - Summer of symphony(66) - There's more to life(67) - The Continentalls live(68) - Summer of symphony(69) - Soul(70) - Look inside(71) - It's getting late(72) - The Apostle(73) - Share(74) - I believe inn heaven(75) - Majesty & glory(76) - Come bless the lord(77) - Sing it with love(78) - Praise & rejoice(79) - And there was llight(80) - The sky shall unfold(81) - Continental country(82) - The dreamer(83+Dove Award) - Come love the Lord /O come all ye faithfull(84) - Together we will stand(85) - All over the world(86) - Elijah(87) - The reason we sing(88) - Come bless the lord(89) - Hold up the light(90) - Set them free(91) - Yes let's go(92) - Staand up move out(93) - Dreamer(94) - Celebrate before the Lord(955) - Faith in motion(96). For GMI info click HERE. Young Continental Themes True friends(92) - Choose right(93) - Get a life(95) - Faith in motion(96). Discipel Themes (sinds 1976): Discipel - Live in Concert - Prijs zijn grote Naam - Shalom - Hoop - Kracht - Levend Water - Het is Tijd. In 1997 we will also celebrate 30 years of continental existence!

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Praise & Worship Music

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