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How I Started The Rosary Crusade In Bangalore

In October 1995, I happened to be reading a book entitled Mary's Triumph in which it is written that the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared several times to a nun, Sr. Elena Leonard, between 1950 and 1980, giving her the same message that She had given Bernadette at Lourdes, Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco at Fatima, and Conchita at Garabandal, namely to pray the Rosary. Such a Prayer will fight against the evils of our times and bring about Peace to Mankind.

I had barely finished reading a quarter of the book when I felt inspired to so something about it. Immediately, the thought came to y mind. Why not start a Rosary Crusade? I wrote to a few people and I found that I was getting a good response. Now I am carrying on this work and I am happy to see that it is growing slowly, but surely. If it is going slowly, it is due to the lack of time on my part.

I would also like to form a Rosary Crusade League with a Committee to enroll members so that we may humbly stand united before Our Lady and ask her to intercede to Her Son Jesus so that He may bring Peace and Salvation, which the world is craving for.

This initiative of mine brought back memories of my young days when, during the fifties. Fr. Patrick Peyton, CSC, went around the world propagating the Rosary Crusade with his slogan " The Family That Prays Together Stays Together."

Our Lady has touched most of us who are senior citizens, and made us feel we should not live in the past, and that we have a duty to perform. We should try to meet at least twice a year (for the Members in Bangalore City), and with one voice pray the Rosary together like one Family. Fr. Peyton will surely help us to continue his good work.

Gemma Carvalho

Those who are interested could contact Gemma Carvalho, "God's Gift", 202, 3rd Cross, Viveknagar, Bangalore 560 047, India. Phone: 080 565486

Some Sites on Internet that have details about the Rosary:


Join The Rosary Crusade for WORLD PEACE Peace must begin first in our homes, then in our country and all nations.
Let us revive THE FAMILY ROSARY CRUSADE of the late Fr. Patrick Peyton, csc, whose slogan was "The Family Taht Prays Together Stays Together".
All you have to do is to offer a Weekly Rosary in your own home for the said intention, letting us know which day you have chosen, for our record.
Do send in your name and address to:
Mrs. Gemma Carvalho, The Rosary Crusade. God's Gift, No.202, 4th Main. 3rd Cross, Viveknagar Layout, Bangalore 560047. Phone: 080-565486

Approved by: Fr. Stan Viegas, Parish Priest, Infant Jesus Church, Infant Jesus Road, Viveknagar, Bangalore 560047
Fr. H. Morissette, csc, Director, Holy Cross Students Home, 45 Museum Road, Bangalore 560025

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Any querries on the Rosary Crusade may be sent to GEMMA'S ROSARY CRUSADE

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