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The school was founded in January 1944 by the then Archbishop of Bangalore, Rt. Rev. Thomas Pothacamury D.D., in memory of Rev. Fr. Saint Germain, a most loved French Priest, who till his retirement worked as a teacher and procurator at the local St Joseph's School and College. These were housed in the present School building (main) till they were moved to Shoolay (Richmond Town).

The School is situated on top of the St John's Hill with Coles Park on one side and St Francis Xavier's Cathedral on the other. The main entrance to the School was from St John's Church Road and through the play ground. This gate was closed and the main entrance shifted in 1976 to Promenade Road so that the games field was fully made use of.


The School is managed by the Archdiocesan Board of Education. It is the only Anglo-Indian School maintained by the Board and is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi. Till 1961 the students were prepared for the Bangalore European Secondary School Examination (Std XI) and the Cambridge Overseas Examination. From 1962 to 1969, the State Government used to conduct the Anglo-Indian secondary School Certificate (A.I.S.S.C.) Examination (Std XI). With the change over to the present 10+2+3 Course of States, the I.C.S.E. (Std X) is conducted at the end of Std X. From 1977 to 1990 the School also presented students to the local std X (S.S.L.C.) Examination.

The academic year of the School was from January to December 1978 it was changed to June to April to fall in line with rest of the country.

The School has on record a high degree of achievement academically (always over 90% passes in the Public Exam with 100% passes in many years with the first rank occasionally). The achievement of our students in cocurricular activities over the years is commendable. These include sports and games, N.C.C. and Scouts, Debating and the School Band. To mention a few achievements the School has, as old boys, national and international stalwarts like Roger Binny, Jude Felix, Vice Rear-Admiral Peter D'Bras, V.S.M., Sanjay Khan and Feroze Khan.

The School has represented Karnataka in the Nehru Hockey Tournament held at New Delhi and has bagged the B.T. Ramaiah Shield in Cricket - a symbol of supremacy for the Schools iin the State. Our N.C.C. Officer Fazal Bari Khan has been honoured at the State and National levels.

Our Scout Master, Mr. S.J.P. Keerty and Cub Master Mr. I. Raj have also many awards to their credit for producing President's Scouts on many occasions.

Important Personalities connected with the School

These successes over 50 Years were possible by the able, inspiring, hard working Principals and their loyal Staff Members. Some important personalities are-

1. Rev Fr. Cyril Browne (D'Silva)

He was the first Principal from Jan 1944 from Jan 1944 to March 1944. The life and labour of Fr. Browne was an inspiration for all who came in contact with him during his long life of over 97 years.

2. Rev Fr. P Jacquemart

Principal - March 1944 to June 1945. He set up a fine tradition to be followed by his successors.

3. The Aranjo Brothers

Rev Msgr. Pat Aranjo (Principal - 1945 to 1954)

Rev Msgr. Stan Aranjo (Principal - 1954 - 1968)

St Germain High School was still in her infancy when compared to other established institutions of learning. None can deny that she has made her presence felt in every sphere of school life. And Today, if St Germain High School ranks with the best in Boys' education, the credit must go to the Aranjo Brothers who were together at the helm for over 23 years. It was they who gave direction to her energies, encouragement to her capabilities and purpose to her progress.

4. Rev Fr. Benito De Sousa and Rev Fr. E. Gomes

(Principal - 1968 to 1975) (Vice Principal 1968 - 1975)

The duo - a perfect team, saw that the School grew in numbers and in quality. They also placed the School in a sound financial position besides maintaining high academic standards in spite of a large number of students. the Silver Jubilee was celebrated in 1969 during their tenure. The foundation for the Silver Jubilee block was laid in September 1972.

5. Rev Fr. Mervyn Coelho (1975 - 1981)

Fr. Mervyn was a man of vision, initiative, and unstinted zeal. He continued to work relentlessly for the betterment of the School in spite of failing health towards the latter part of his Principalship. He was so fond of sports, of everything good in spirit, that a fitting epitaph could be quoted from St Paul - 'I have fought the good fight - I have run the course - I have kept the faith, now is laid up for me a crown of eternal glory in Heaven'. There is a famous Hockey Tournament in Bangalore in his name.

Fr. Mervyn was the only Principal to die in harness on 23.07.1981.

6. Rev Fr. Hillary Pereira, S.J. (Principal Nov 1981 to May 1990)

A luminary in administration, he carried with him into this institution a discipline of systematic and meticulous planning, methodical execution, perception beyond the present, placing of priorities and streamlining of resources.

As Principal of this School his determination, selfless service and total dedication succeeded in taking the flag of our School to loftier heights.

7. Rev Henry Menezes ( 1990 on wards)

Rev Fr. Henry Menezes has kept up the tempo of progress in spite of his age and his expert way of managing the School's finances has been responsible for the construction of the 'Golden Jubilee Hall' a reality, in record time.

We would like to place on record the selfless and meritorious service rendered to the School by the teaching and administrative Staff - to mention a few:

Mr G C D' Cruz , Mrs. S Cobble ,Mrs. V DeBrass , Mr K R Srinivasan , Mr E L R Masters , Rev. Fr. Terence Fransz , Rev. Fr. Aseervatham , Mr L A Brown Mr B M Suares , Mr M. Kailath , Mr R.J. Sebastian , Mr Mulley , Mr Archer , Mrs. & Mr Ince , Mrs. O.Coelho...

The Principal, Staff, and Students of St.Germains High School, Wish All Indians on the Occasion of the 50th Year of India's Independence, Peace, Joy, Friendship, Love, and God's Blessings, and Welcome the World to Join in this Celebration at Bangalore in India, on 15th August, 1997.

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