What is Consciousness and How Does It Work:

consciousness is a symptom of the soul...

  • the soul uses the body as a vehicle in the material world.
  • consciousness is the interface between the body and the soul.
  • Mantra meditation when properly used can clear away false indentifications that develope from the consciousness working through this material body and mind
  • person get more control over his life by gaining control over his mind and senses.
  • person becomes more aware of his true identity as a spiritual being and not as his identification such as his body, job, race, religion etc.
  • a person gets more in tune with his true identity and with the oversoul, universal energy, supreme truth ,Lord or whatever term you would like to use.
  • inner peacefulness-stress relief
  • Regular practice of the mantra meditation systematically unfolds one's full potential: enlivening the inner intelligence ,developing higher states of consciousness,allowing a person to develope his inherent consciousness while cutting away false indentifications.
  • This experience of the self-referral state enlivens orderliness, dynamism, and creativity within the meditator resulting in greater effectiveness and success in daily life.
  • this is explained in the Sanskrit vedas available in the meditation aides as the "Bhagavad-Gita, As It Is."

    Try it for three weeks and see if your life is not changed.

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