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Orrialde hau ingelesez dago batez ere kanpotarrek eskain diezaguketen laguntza behar dugu eta. Horra, laburki, zer nahi dugun:

Herrialde askoren inguruko informazioa osatu nahi dugu. Azentoak eta zeinu diakritikoak egoki jarri nahi genituzke. Mapa txukunagoak nahi ditugu, herrialde txikien inguruko informazioa ematen duten guneekin loturak nahi ditugu... Aurrerago, GeoNative datu-base eta bilaketa tresnekin osatzea litzateke logikoa. Horretarako beste software bat, baliabide eta denbora gehiago eta beste gune bat beharko genuke, megaz ondo hornitua. Guk ez dugu horrelakorik inondik ere. Eta zuk?

We are looking for...
General issues

* Links to other sites related to minorities, native cultures and little nations.

* We want to improve the present listings and tables. Sure they are full of errors. Helps us correct those errors or adding more names.

* Accents, diacritic signs, special characters, transliteration systems for non latin alphabets. We have added Alphabet Street section to GeoNative and (trying to do our best to put our placenames right on the map) invented the ASR standard to write characters. We also display graphic schemes to transliterate non-latin scripts. Check it and send us your suggestions.

* The maps we have vary greatly in quality, type and size. The images are not stored in our memory space, but in remote URL locations, so, it can take long downloading some of them. If you know better, nicer and faster maps, please tell us. In the future, standarized maps with a common style should be developed, all stored here, at GeoNative. We have no time, software, megabytes or resources to do that by the moment.

* Placenames, maps and general information could be nicely put up in a database, and then we could add some searching capabilities. Again, we have no resources to do that. We are open to ideas.

* Other projects that we would like to develop are:

Tables we would like to add

* Africa. Native languages remain almost forgotten despite the formation of independent states. How do they call Dakar in Wolof? Pretoria in Ndebele? If you know about these issues, tell us please.

* The Americas. We are particularly interested in the greater languages, such as Mapuche-Mapudungu in Chile, Quechua in the Andean region (also Aymara in Bolivia), Nahuatl and others in Mexico, or the native majority of Guatemala. How do these peoples call their lands and towns?

* Asia. Some nations with no state as Kurdistan or Tibet interest us.

* European minorities. Several european minorities do not appear in the tables. We would like to know more about: Langues d´Oil, Polish in Lithuania, Turkish in Greece...

* Russia and the former Soviet Union. Lots of issues: scripts that change in the Asian republics and Moldavia, soviet names that disappear, native forms that return, the national minorities of Russia... Particularly interested in the names from the minorities of Russia (the northern Caucasus and more).

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