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-Many thousand welcomes to DanuStudies. This page was created in an attempt to understand the relationship mythology plays in Irish literature. Through the work of Yeats and James Joyce, Ireland's two most popular writers, one can see great illustration of their homeland's belief in the supernatural. Yeats writes about the Sons of Mile, Cuchullain, and the Tuatha De Daanan, along with other mythological beings whose influence is alive in the hills of Ireland today. Current Irish writers are still influenced by Eire's stories. This page is dedicated to the love of Irish literature, the pursuit of knowledge, and an everlasting awe of Celtic inspiraton in Irish literature.

Along with ideas pertaining to Celtic literature I have included sites focusing on Irish art, information, and mythology. I have also included a list of reading literature available in most bookstores. Barnes and Noble has thus far been the best source to find books on mythology and Irish history. If you can not find these books readily available, ask your bookstore to order them.

As always, I welcome any new ideas or information which might help improve this site. If you have anything you would like to see on here, please leave me a note through e-mail.

Contributing e-mails can be sent to Danugoddess@oocities.com Remember, anything you would like to submit must be on the basis of Irish mythology, literature, art, or history. Have a most glorious day - - until we meet again. Slainte

Links to Celtic/Irish Informative Sites

Irish Server List
Everything Celtic Resources
Medaille d'Or Award for Web Excellence
Harry O'Connell's Irish Library
Druid Princess' Celtic Resources
Celtic SymbologyUpdated 9/14/98.
Irish Web Sites from A to Z

Irish History

Earthlore: Ireland, Story of our Existance
Glendale College: The Best Irish Site

The Book of Kells
The Book of Kells A collection of images from the Book of Kells. A Celtic-Anglan text written by monks around 800 A.D.
The Book of Kells; ImagesA Wonderful image page displaying detailed artwork from the B of K. Some pictures show the detailed gold inlay very clearly.

Irish Mythology

The Tribes of the River Goddess
The Tuatha De Danaan
List of Irish Myths
History/Mythology of the Black Irish
The Story of St. Patrick
The Faerie Dictionary & Search Site

Irish Art

Irish Impressionistic Art
Tom Byrnes Links to Irish Artists

Irish Music

Melody's Traditional Music and Harpe Shoppe
The Celtic Music Network

Irish Merchandise

The Woolen Mills Gift Catalog
Claddagh Jewelers
Waterford Crystal
Connemara Marble Factory

Books of Interest

In my research I discovered the web doesn't have EVERYTHING to offer on mythology and celtic thought. The surest way of discovery is still within the pages of a good book. Here are a few I found in several bookstores throughout my area, as well as some professors gave me as gifts. I've now included links by which you may order the following books. There is life away from the computer. These books are great diversions from the neon screen.

1. The Celtic Reader: Selections from Celtic Legend, Scholarship, and Story"John Matthews; publishers: Thorsons.Click to Order
2.The Encyclopedia of Celtic WisdomCaitlin and John Matthews; publishers: Element.Click to Order
How the Irish Saved CivilzationThomas Cahill; publishers: Anchor books. {This was given to me by an engineer professor I met on route to Boston from England. Thank you for the book!!}Click to Order
4.The CeltsNora Chadwick; publishers: Penguin books. {Given to me by Dr. Jane Tebrake; University of Maine, Orono. Thank you for your kindness and encouragement}Click to Order
5.The Collected Poems of W.B. YeatsEdited by Richard J. Finneran; publishers: Collier books.Click to Order
6.Ireland of the Welcomesa bi-monthly magazine published by the Irish Tourist Board. For subscriptions e-mail iow@irishtouristboard.ie
7.The Ancient Celtsby Barry Cunliffe; Pub: Oxford University Press. A questioning of Celtic cultures by examining the European Iron Age.Click to Order
8.Uppity Women of Medieval Timesby Vicki Leon; Pub:MJF Books. True stories of women who made it big in a man's world during the middle ages. If you ever feel like your beating your head against a wall, these women will give you courage to keep going. Click to Order

Music to Fill the Celtic Heart

The Book of Secrets by Loreena McKennitt A mixture of Irish Celtic, Middle Eastern and Italian influences. I fell in love with this CD as soon as I heard it. 'Dante's Prayer' is by far the best song on this album. You will remember "The Mummer's Song" from the movie, Ever After. Click to Order
Celtic Odyssey from the Narada Collection Series. A collection of traditional Irish songs sung by various artists. Songs sung in gaelic. I enjoyed a majority of the songs on this album, especially the jigs. However, a few grew tedious and soon found themselves eeked out of my CD selector. Click to Order

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