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The Circle of Illumination was formed to bring together Wiccans, Pagans, and those who share similar beliefs. We are also making an effort to eradicate the stereotypes fuelled by the media and those who have not taken the time to learn what Wicca and Paganism are really about. This is a difficult task, but we believe that there is strength in numbers; that if enough people get a positive message out, people will have no choice but to recognize that we aren't all warty nosed spell casters.


How do I join The Circle of Illumination Web Ring?:

1.  Review the Web Ring Rules (all three of them)
2. Submit your website
3. Copy the web ring navigational bar onto your web page

(If you do not complete this step, your site will NOT be added to the ring!)

You can click on the links above to jump to that part in this website. If you are already in the ring and need to edit your website information click here.

Note:  If you do not receive an e-mail message confirming your addition to Web Ring within two weeks after following the steps outlined below, please try again.  Your site will not be added to the ring unless the navigational bar is in working order, so please view your page to ensure that they work.



No illegal activities are to be present on members' pages that are linked to The Circle of Illumination.
No pornographic material of any kind (art excluded) is to be present on members' pages that are linked to The Circle of Illumination.
No material that promotes racism or glorifies violence is to be present on members' pages that are linked to The Circle of Illumination.

That's all I ask of you!  Failure to observe these three simple rules will cause your site to be deleted without notice (and in some cases without notification) from The Circle of Illumination.


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Note that this does not insert you in the ring; it simply makes your web page known to the Webmistress and gives you a Site ID Number.  However, if you list your URL as the page with your web ring code on it, your site will be added automatically, resulting in a MUCH shorter wait.

Your Navigational Bar will look similar to the following:
(don't copy this navigational bar ... it won't work)


Pre-Yahoo Graphics and Code

If you joined the web ring prior to the merge of Yahoo! and WebRing and you need to get your HTML working again (if you don't want to download the navigational bar from Yahoo!) ... 

Download the following Circle of Illumination graphics:  Right-click or click and hold the mouse button to get a pop-up menu and save both of them to your local disk drive.  After you have saved the graphics, don't forget to upload them to your web server.

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NOTE: You MUST download the above graphics for the webring fragment and upload them to your server (do not change the filenames) for the webring fragment to look as it is intended to look.  Please don't link to the graphics on my page. 


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