British Cemetery at Baithkol, Karwar near Mangalore, India

There are two Cemeteries located within the compound of the Detachment Project Seabird at Baithkol. The Catholic cemetery is under the Parish Priest of the High Church, Karwar and is presently under use. There is a possibility that any old graves would have been removed. The other cemetery, the British Cemetery is maintained by the Parish Priest of the Down Church, Karwar. This cemetery is in fairly good condition and the under growth is being periodically cleared. There are 24 graves, and some of the headstones are broken and un-numbered. Many a 'forgotten and unknown soldier' lies here. (Comparing these graves with the graves of the Agram Cemetery, Bangalore, the shapes of the monuments are different, and one can find crosses on the stones at Baithkol which are missing in Agram. The Agram Cemetery is another project that Admiral O.S. Dawson is championing to restore, this cemetery started around 1809.) Since the cemeteries are within the limits of the   Project Seabird, visits are restricted with special permission from the Defense Authorities. However, with the courtesy of Admiral O.S. Dawson I.N.(Retd), PVSM, AVSM, Former Chief of the Naval Staff, and Former High Commissioner for India in New Zealand, through his official sources, the following information is being made available.

Search is on for the grave or location of the same of a Dennis Kincaid, student of Maratha history and champion of Shivaji, who drowned at Karwar on 10 June 1937, anyone knowing the details please inform or John A. Payne, Honorary Treasurer of British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia.

Photographs of the Cemetery, courtesy Rear Admiral SR Sampathgopal, AVSM, NM, Director General, Project Seabird, New Delhi, through Admiral OS Dawson (Retd).

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Layout  of British Cemetery at Baithkol, Plan View

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Details of Inscriptions of Headstones of the British Cemetery at Baithkol

Sl Name Date of Death Place of Death Details
1 GEORGE STLIBBS 29 Jan 1865    
2 Not written      
3 EDWARD JONES  29 Oct 1895.    
4 Not Written      
5 HELLEN JANE 06 Jun 1872    
7 THOMAS JONES 20 Apr 1863    
8 HENRY JOHN RAWLE 25 Mar 1872    
9 EMMA JULIA LOUIS 12 Sep 1872    
10 HENRY INGLE 12 Jul 1898   F/o --, Karwar
11 Not Written      
12 Not Written      
13 Not Written      
14 ELIZABETH DE'CRUZ 22 Oct 1875    
15 ERNEST HASENVANDEL 23 Nov 77 (1877)    
16 Not Written      
17 Not Written      
18 CAPT. ECG MADOOCK IMS 01 May 1908 Karwar  
19 ROBERT NIBLOCK 07 Nov 1890   Royal Artillery
20 EVANGELINE MARY BELL 17 July 1941    
22 GEORGE TRAIL 06 Dec 1869 Aged 32 Yrs & 8 Months   (Late Engineer) In-Charge of  Nicol & Co’s Works. Karwar
23 LOISA 02 Aug 1867   W/0 HORATIO RHODES NELSON (Eng Bombay)
24 Not Written      

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