The Protestant Cemetery No.2, Hosur Road, Bangalore

This cemetery is part of the second oldest existing cemetery in the city of Bangalore, the first which still exists is the Old Protestant Cemetery or Agram Cemetery off Richmond / Victoria / Trintiy Road. For the purpose of grave locations I have divided this cemetery into four quardrants, all meeting at the center memorial. Starting from the gate on the right side (East) I have denoted at Sector A (this section was reserved for the burials from the Scotch Kirk or St. Andrew's Church. To the immediate West of Sector is the section reserved for the COE or Church of England burials. This continues into a "stocking shape" , and the areas are demarked as B, C, D E and the the North or 'toe' of the 'stocking' are Sectors E to K.
This cemetery has been maintained well and is used for current burials. What is sad is that the monuments of the Sector A, which are very close the the eastern wall of the cemetery is als very close to the main road, and it is possible that vandals in the form of children that may have thrown stones at the statues (as targets) on the graves damaging them, but one could never tell, there is evidence that cast iron and metal supports and railings, even gravel stones have been removed from some of the graves, leaving them exposed to the elements, water sweeps into the grave, and damages it to even a state of sinking. Another common site is the erosion of soil around the grave, leaving the base floating and finally collapse (see Sector K). A good black and white photograph of the grave of Mary Ann Beard (sent by Michael Searfoss) shows how the cemetery looked around maybe 50 years ago. There were flowerpots, and properly maintained graves, today the same grave can be seen (Sector D) , what a difference!! One supposes that this is a common sight in cemeteries around the world. Wonder how many graves in the original photograph are still remaining.

Sector A


Sector D


Sector K


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