Bangalore, the Garden City of India revisited!

Hi Everyone, I 'm back to give you a 'Magical Mystery Tour' of Bangalore City, mystery by mystery!. Still there are a few, a very few remains of the glorious past of Bangalore the "Garden City", and that too is being ebbed at a very fast rate. As promised, I did manage to get a few fleeting glances of the old houses on "South Parade" and what to us today is East MG Road or just "MG Road".

A stroll down towards Trinity Church, keeping Dickenson Road and East Parade Church on your left, what you will see is really the last of the "Colonial" legacy on the "Parade". Some of the houses are privately owned, others still under rent to the Military. And above all these houses are shortly doomed to "peer pressure" of the surrounding buildings and hotels that are forcing these helpless memories to be lost in the sands. Perhaps their rubble and "ashes" of bricks will be strewn all over the beautiful Park on the Airport Road that is used by everyone as a dumping ground. Wonder why they made a Park with a Bandstand when the only music heard is the screeching rush of building material sliding off the dump trucks? Will try and get a photograph of the desecration of the park .. oh, no, I am not reffering to Cubbon Park, but the Indira Nagar Park or one could say Domlur Park. No one cares whose Park it anyway!

Getting back to MG Road, first you will see the sombre looking East Parade Church, and the remains of the Orphanage behind it, then some splended and unique houses that are presently under the usage of the Military for their higher officers.

Inbetween, and tucked away, one would miss out on a beautiful bungalow that is basking in the surrounding of a extensive compound with lots of trees. At the entrance, as if guarding the pathway, is a granite edifice that reminds one of a castle, and similar to a house on the parallel back road (Ulsoor Road). This has a nice portico with grill work. Further up the road closer to Trintiy Church there is nothing on the left except two hotels (Oberio and Taj ). Crossing the road one comes to an old gloomy house that houses the Government Hostel, and there is no way this building can be brightened. Next to it a little further towards Mayo Hall, there are two bungalows left besides Victoria Hotel, one shown is counting days when it will be knocked down. Walls for some of these houses are unique in the form of a lattice see photo. The other building belongs to the Military Recruting Centre. A view of MG Road, will show you the changes and structures that have come up since the last decade, which has been the real 'down fall' of Bangalore City. You can se 'Utility Building' in the lower corner, that will give you the marker for Mayo Hall and end or begining of Residency Road which ever way you are travelling!

A walk around Mayo Hall shows how elegantly the structure is designed, and the European architecture makes it a very distinguished building, fit for it's use , the Courts!

If you look upwards, and avoid falling over, then you will be looking at perhaps the tallest building in Bangalore City, the Utility Building, and again there is a plan to change it's name, I am lost in my own City!!! No surprises, roads and towns are being renamed, and nobody seems to know who is keeping a track of it all.

You could continue up MG Road, or branch on Residency Road, depends which way you have been scouting around when you have visited Bangalore in the past, but if you are a new visitor, any direction would take you around to all the points, and although some of the photos may take some time to come up, it is specific that it lingers so in order to draw out the life span of the buildings as they are being raised and memories are being etched.

Arts and Crafts ( Cauvery Emporium) at the corner of Brigade Road and MG Road, a close up of the iron pillars, and a glance of the KSHDC building.

For a new comer to Bangalore, "MG" or Mahatma Gandhi Road is one of the principal roads of Bangalore. It is connected from the South by Hosur Road / Brigade Road, the West by Cubbon Park, the North by the 'Parade' Grounds, Cricket Stadium, 'BRV' or Police Grounds, 'RSI' Officers Mess, the East by Trinity Church, further by Ulsoor or the Airport. It can be reached easily from any of the City's Suburbs by cab, autoriksha (three wheeler scooter) or Bus. The majority of English Film Theatres are in this area, as well as the shopping malls, pubs, food joints, colleges, schools, and just a place for hanging around. 'Commercial Street' is walkable from here and one must be a bit careful of the one-way's of certain adjoining roads. You will be able to find your Banks on MG Road as well as Foreign Exchange counters. There are abundant places that cater to 'Cyber Surfing' so you could read, receive and send e-mail. Like most busy places, one has to joustle through crowds, hand on to one's purse, avoid people asking for donations, etc., and never stop to listen to anyone, you could be taken for a ride. Bangalore is not all that bad, but there is lots of external influence drifting into the City from around that slightly changes the complexion of the peaceful 'Pensioner's Paridise'. Above all, you just have fun, sorry, there are no 'live bands' !!! Imagine that Bangalore used to be the 'Rock 'n' Roll' Centre in India for musicians, today there is no encouragement for them to exhibit their talents.



23 November, 1998

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