VOL XI No. 1, SEPT - DEC. 1997




Less than a year from now we as proud "Germanites' would inaugurate the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of our Association. It seems like the past years have flown by rather quickly and the Big Event is fast approaching. The Managing Committee along with the Golden Jubilee Committee has risen to the, occasion and has finalised various plans and budgets, to celebrate the occasion in a memorable way, right through the 50th year. A preliminary calendar of events is detailed within this issue. I am happy that a lot of ground work has been completed well in time, and I look forward to implementing the same successfully as a team.

Fellow Germanites I have a sincere and honest request, because no matter how much we try we may not be able to reach out to all our Old Boys, hence I appeal to you to spread the message of our Golden Jubilee to as many as you can, and ask them to join in our Celebration.

"Success" is always enthralling and for a Golden Jubilee to be a success we need the participation of the members of our Association and all old boys in the event as one "Family". The plans are Big and require a lot of time, hardwork and dedication to implement. Your Committee is tackling all issues in the right frame of mind, and we need all encouragement from you. I look forward to this from each and everyone of you. The best encouragement you can give us is by being present at the Inauguration and at various events. Further we need your assistance both Financially and in helping to organise various events. Please donate generously and share in the success.

With Regards,

Leo Anthony Devados President - (O.B.A.)


As informed during the AGM 3 members of the School Staff have completed 25 years of service to the Institution.'The O.B.A. along with the School and P.T.A. have planned to honour the Jubilarians Mrs. Rita D'monte, Mr. Wajid Khan and Mr. Anthony Raj on Friday the 19th December 1997 at 11.30 a.m. in the school.

The Association would be presenting a citation and purse totalling to Rs. 7,000/- to them.

We appeal to all old boys to contribute towards the purse.


Legendary biology teacher of St. Germain's High School, Mr. Mammen Kailath turned 90 this year. Mr. Kailath has a vast community of students spread all over the world. Old students till this day recall the numerous outings they had with one of Bangalore's best known science teachers to the outskirts of the city in search of rare species for, the school lab and museum.

We join in wishing him the best of good health and look forward to honour him at our Golden Jubilee Celebration. Wishing you all a Happy & Prosperous New Year 1998


The 48th OBA day began with a well attended mass at 7.30 a.m. The School Flag was hoisted with the singing of the school song. Breakfast followed after which the A.G.M. got underway. The meeting was very meaningful and the following new Managing Committee was elected.

Ex-Officio Chairman
Vice President
Joint Secretary
Committee Members
Committee Members
Committee Members
Committee Members
Committee Members
Co-opted Member
Rev. Fr. Henry Menezes (Principal)
Mr. Leo Anthony Devadoss
Mr. E.P.Prakash
Mr. Syed Siddiq M
Mr. Mahesh Keikar
Mr. Cyril Don Bosco
Mr. Benjamin K. Raj
Mr. Rohit Prabhu
Mr. Paul Jeremiah
Mr. K.M. Prakash
Mr. Sydney D'Sa

The Group photograph was taken after which the Beer began to flow. The attendance at the OBA day was well over 200 and the old boys met and mingled with the staff and batch mates. Housie got going to a tremendous response. A keen sense of camaraderie was very much visible. During the day Mr. J. Kashinathan donated a sum of Rs. 5,000/- towards a new scholarship and with a sense of pride the following Old Boys announced donations towards the Golden Jubilee Fund.

Mr. Noaman Razack *
Dr. Ranga Nayak *
Dr. Kishore Nayak
Mr. Ravi Kiran
Dr. Jeevan Kumar
Mr. Shahid
Mr.T.J. Abraharn

(* - From the Batch of '68)

Lunch was served and the singing continued till tea. A wonderful day came to an end.


The Managing Committee along with the Golden Jubilee Committee met on several occasions and finalised the following plans for the Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Calender of events

Inaugural Function
Hockey Tournament
Germainite Disco Nite
Germainite Carnival - (A Fancy Fete)
(To be finalised)
Sporting Events for Old Boys
Sporting Events for Old Boys continued
Germainite Ball
Inter School Table Tennis Tournament
Inter School Debates and Quiz Competitions
Inter School Athletic Meet
A.G.M. and Finale of the Celebrations

Inaugural Function

The function would be held on Saturday the 10th of October 1998, between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. at the School. The Function would begin with the traditional lighting of the lamp by our Patron His Grace The Archbishop of Bangalore. After a short prayer The Directory of Old Boys would be released after which a few Old Boys and Former Staff Members would be honoured for their outstanding achievements. This will be followed by a brief cultural programme presented by the Old Boys. The evening would conclude with fellowship and Dinner hosted by the Association.

ADMISSION TO THIS EVENT WOULD BE BY INVITATION ONLY. Invitations can be collected for Members & their Spouses at the O.B.A. office from the 10th of September 1998 onwards.

Hockey Tournament

The Association plans to start a Germainite Hockey Academy from January 1998 to train and coach Old Boys, preferably in the age group of 16 to 21 years. The Academy would be registered with the Karnataka State Hockey Association (K.S.H.A.) and would participate in the State League from November 1998 onwards. The Team would be finalised by June 1998 and a complete kit would be provided by the Association.

The Association would inaugurate An Annual 7-a-side Prize Money Hockey Tournament for Super and "A" Division teams during the month of November 1998. The tournament would be held over 3 days and the semi-finals and the finals would be held under Floodlights at the Karnataka State Hockey Association (K.S.H.A.) Stadium.

Germainite Disco Nite

A DISCO NITE has been planned to be held on the 5th or 12th of December 1998. The evening of music dinner and dance would commence from 8 p.m. onwards at the School Premises. Details will be provided when finalised.

Germainite Carnival

The Germainite Carnival (A Fancy Fete) 'would be conducted on the 8th, 9th, & 10th of January 1999 at the School Grounds. There will be a lot of Games stalls, Amusement Park and choice of mouth watering food stalls.

Sporting Events for Old Boys

The Association plans to conduct a few competitive games and sporting events for the Old Boys in the field of Cricket, Hockey, Table tennis, Carrom, etc. These events would be organised on the weekends during March and April 1999. Further details will be given at a later date. We anticipate the participation from all of you.

Germainite Ball

The Golden Germainite Ball an annual feature in it's 9th year would be held on Saturday the 1st of May 1999 at the School Hall. The evening of Music and Dance would commence from 9 p.m. onwards till the wee hours of the mo"rning. The crowning of the Germainite Prince and Princess would be the highlight and there would be many attractive prizes to be won.

Inter School Table Tennis / Debates & Quiz

The annual Inter School Competitions in,Table Tennis, Debates and Quiz would be conducted on the last Saturday of June and continue on all subsequent Saturdays of July 1999. In view of the Golden Jubilee these events would be conducted in a befitting manner.

Inter School Sports Meet

The Inter Schobi'Sports Meet named "The Friendship Meet" would be held on the 15th of August 1999 between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. The Meet would be conducted under Flood Lights at the School Grounds and would be open to both, the Senior Boys and Girls. We have identified 8 events (3 field and 5 track), in each Group. A Mass Display and Fireworks would be the highlight of the evening.

Annual General Body and Finale

The 50th A.G.M. of the Association would be held during September 1999 and the Finale of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations would follow during the same month. The actual dates for these functions will be intimated as and when finalised. The finale would be more or less on the lines of the Inaugural Function.

Teachers Benefit Fund

As already finalised the Teachers Benefit Fund would, be made functional from September 1999. The Fund is to be started with a minimum corpus amount of Rupees One Lakh towards which a sum of Rupees Fifty thousand has already been set aside form the Golden Jubilee Fund. The Rules of the T.B.F. are being finalised and will be communicated at a later date.

Newsletter copy submitted by Mr. Lenny J. Phillips, Old Boy, Bangalore

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