The Annexe

The annexe was the last chamber to be cleared at the end of November 1927, it was a hard task due to the large amount of objects crammed into the small room, a total of 2000 objects were recovered, it was the spring of 1928 before the work was completed.

'Peering beneath the southernmost of the three great couches, we noticed a small irregular hole in the wall. Here was yet another sealed doorway, and a plunderers' hole, which, unlike the others, had never been repaired.  Cautiously we crept under the couch, inserted our portable light, and there before us lay another chamber, rather smaller than the first, but even more crowded with objects.

'The state of this inner room(afterwards called the Annexe)simply defies description.  In the Antechamber there had been some sort of an attempt to tidy up after the plunderers' visit, but here everything was in confusion, just as they had left it.' -Howard Carter

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