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Norn and Grendel Paradise

More Norns from Our Friends

Wiseman's Colorful Norns

Updated August 25, 1998

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Many, many thanks to Wiseman who sent us all of these colorful Forest Norns and Ron Norns. They are all males with 100 % Life Forces and 9 brain lobes. They don't have names yet, so you may choose your own names for these Norns.

The Gen Files have moved to a new page.

Black ForestBlack ForestNON50:01M1009Wiseman
Blue ForestBlue ForestBLU50:04M1009Wiseman
Cyan ForestCyan ForestNOR50:00M1009Wiseman
Green ForestGreen ForestGRE50:00M1009Wiseman
Magenta ForestMagenta ForestNOG50:00M1009Wiseman
Red ForestRed ForestRED50:00M1009Wiseman
White ForestWhite ForestALL50:08M1009Wiseman
Yellow ForestYellow ForestNOB50:01M1009Wiseman
Black RonBlack RonNON60:02M1009Wiseman
Blue RonBlue RonBLU60:01M1009Wiseman
Cyan RonCyan RonNOR60:04M1009Wiseman
Green RonGreen RonGRE60:02M1009Wiseman
Magenta RonMagenta RonNOG60:00M1009Wiseman
Red RonRed RonRED60:01M1009Wiseman
White RonWhite RonALL60:01M1009Wiseman
Yellow RonYellow RonNOB60:00M1009Wiseman

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