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Norn and Grendel Paradise

Old News

November 4, 1999

Creatures 3 is now available in the United States and coming soon in the United Kingdom. We have been bugging the guys at our local software store. They said it has been ordered and it should be coming in any day now.

Creatures Adventures is now available in both US and UK. We just got it, and we are having lots of fun with it. It is designed for young children so it's perfect for us. heeheehee Really, it's a great way to recover from being brain-dead after exams.

Have you visited the CyberLife Website lately? Be sure to look at the C3 screenshots to see what the next new game will look like. Creatures Adventures is coming soon for younger players. (Yup, we are planning to get it even if we are no longer little kiddies.) Have fun with the CamCam. Find out what the guys at CyberLife are up to.

Good News! Albia 2000 is back!!! Welcome back Ali!

Guess who got a job at CyberLife? The great geneticist, COBler and webmaster, Ashley Harman of Frimlin's Kiwi Creatures. Congratulations Ashley!

Off Topic: If you enjoy Creatures, you might also like the new Star Wars Episode 1 game The Gungan Frontier. Load your spaceship with plants and animals and take them to colonize a new moon. Make sure everybody has enough food!

Off Topic: If you would like to talk to your computer pets, PF Magic will be releasing Petz 4 and Babyz soon. Just Imagine! You can actually talk to them!

Congratulations to Frimlin's Kiwi Creatures for winning the Golden Shee Award. Great job, Ashley! Congratulations to all of the other sites that were voted in the Top Ten!

We enjoyed visitng all of the winning sites. We didn't know about some of them until now, and we are happy to have found them. We are a bit surprised that Creature's Shack wasn't in the Top Ten. It's one of our favorite sites, and we encourage you to visit often because it has lots of great stuff and is updated frequently.

November 5, 1998: So sorry for the lack of updates. Sometimes our HTML Editor, Mommy 1.0, crashes (from lupus). We don't want to upgrade to Orphans 2.0 so we have been busy helping out with chores and other stuff. We have been working on breeding some C2 Norns and trying to make C2 COBs. (The scripts work, but our sprites look awful, so if anyone has some advice we'd appreciate any help converting .bmp to .s16) As many of you know, we are perpetually behind in answering e-mail, so if you wrote to us and didn't get a reply yet, we are very, very sorry. We will write back as soon as possible.

In the meantime you can get lots of healthy, colorful C2 Creatures and great C2 COBs at Frimlin's site and at Creatures Shack. Take a look at the super cool artwork at Adventures in Nornsitting. Did you get the Halloween COBs from CyberLife?

NornGod's NornMania was attacked by the Avenger Squid and has reopened at a new URL. This is a cool site with lots of very helpful advice for getting started with C2. If you have a website or see a website that is still linked to the old URL, please update it. Thanks!

If you don't have C2, get Terra Nornia, a new world for C1 created by Dr. Slink and Lis Morris.

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